I’m Lilo, Prime Video Series Arrives January 5, 2023 | Trailer and poster

Amazon confirmed that the new original Italian series i’m lilo will be displayed It premiered at the Rome Film Festival It will be included in the non-competitive Freestyle section. It’ll be a great opportunity to sample before its official debut, expected sometime in 2023 on Prime Video.

This new production is directed by Eros Puglielli (Idols of Women, Copperman, Nevermind) and was created by Pasquale Petrolo, aka Lillo, along with Matteo Menduni and Tommaso Renzoni who also took an interest in the subject and script.

We already know that there will be a total of eight episodes, and besides Lillo there will be such characters as Pietro Sermonti, Cristiano Cacamo, Sara Lazzaro, Camila Felipe, Marco Marzuca, Marina, Paolo Calabresi and Anna Bonaiotto. Finally, to complete the acting like Guest star in every episode There will be some lovable faces on TV, such as Valerio Lundini, Edoardo Ferrario and Emanuela Fanelli, Katrina Guzzante, Corrado Guzzante, Stefano Rapon, Michela Giroud, Macchio Capatunda And Sera Yilmaz. Absolutely rich crew. This is how Amazon describes the series, an obvious comedy foyer production.

Who is Bosman? A superhero of course! And what is its superpower? Find out how to put a cap on. But who is hiding behind the outfit? Well…there’s Lilo. Success, as we know, has its downsides, and it’s time for Lilo to choose between fame and a private life, because his wife (Sarah Lazaro) can’t seem to put up with it anymore. Accompanied by the most beloved comedians of the contemporary scene, from Pietro Sermonti, to Paolo Calabresi, from Caterina and Corrado Guzzanti to Valerio Lundini, from Michela Giroud to Eduardo Ferrario and many others, Lillo will try to find himself behind the mask he has made.

Prime Video reveals the official trailer and poster for the new Italian original series i’m lilo Starring Lilo Petrolo, it premiered on Saturday at the Rome Film Festival. Not only that, we finally found it It will be available exclusively on Prime Video from January 5, 2023.

The highly anticipated 8-episode series is produced by Lucky Red in collaboration with Prime Video and directed by Eros Puglielli (women idolsAnd the CoppermanAnd the It doesn’t matter), designed by Lillo Petrolo, Matteo Menduni, and Tommaso Renzoni who also edited the subject and script. More details about the rich cast are available right above, but for now let’s stop the chatter and let’s enjoy our first official trailer!

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