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Searches and kidnappings in 22 Italian cities, million euros From the proceeds of 70% of the “pirates” flowing in the country: it was dismantled during the night on the input of the Public Prosecutor of the Catania region, “Italy’s largest illegal broadcasting network”. The State Police proudly announces this during the final stages of Operation Maxi called Gotha.

The “big” has now been carried out, and the postal police cybersecurity operations centers are conducting searches and kidnappings of members of a criminal association of a nature cross border. Agents work in dozens of Italian cities, From the north to the south of the country: Ancona, Avellino, Bari, Benevento, Bologna, Brescia, Catania, Cosenza, Fermo, Messina, Naples, Novara, Palermo, Perugia, Pescara, Reggio Calabria, Rome, Salerno, Syracuse, Trapani, El Aquila and Taranto .

Network setup is supported, as mentioned, About 70% of illegal broadcasting in the shoewith base Users from around 900 thousand and monthly profits “For million euros. On the 11th at the headquarters of the Mobile Department of the Catania State Police, a press conference will be held at which the process will be explained in detail. Among Maxi’s operations with millions of “pirate” subscriptions, we recall that in May last year, which wiped out 80% of the illegal flow of IPTV in Italy.

Commentary from SKY, DAZN and FAPAV

Sky Italia’s CEO, Andrea Duelio, issued a statement regarding the operation.

I would like to congratulate – he said – the Postal Police on the significant results achieved by the Gotha operation, which once again shows how piracy is a phenomenon run by organized crime. Sky is and will always be with the police in this fight to defend the audiovisual industry and protect all subscribers legally.

Instead, DAZN reported:

900,000,000 users earn millions of Euros per month. An impressive number that should make us think seriously about the enormous damage piracy continues to cause to the audiovisual sector and, in our case, to sports. The work of the specialized departments of the Postal Police and the Guardia di Finanza shows that there are illegal players in the market that undermine the possibility of continuing to invest in the live broadcasting of sports events. Sharing personal data by subscribing to illegal services also jeopardizes the safety of the “clients” of these illegal services who should be aware of sharing their sensitive information with complex and dangerous criminal organizations.

Thus Federico Bagnoli Rossi, President of the Union for the Protection of the Audiovisual and Multimedia Content Industries:

As FAPAV, we applaud the important anti-piracy operation announced today by the State Police and ordered by the Public Prosecutor of Catania, which once again revealed how the real criminal mentality and huge illegal profits are hidden behind hacking. The phenomenon of illegal broadcasting of audiovisual content, not only for the film, television and sports industry, but for the country as a whole, is a serious problem, both from the point of view of economic and industrial development, and in terms of IT security. and protect the privacy of citizens.

[…]It is essential to be more effective and timely in law enforcement action, and in that direction I believe it is essential that the anti-piracy bill proposal, which was recently submitted to the House of Representatives, travels quickly and can become effective quickly.

Sales of 30 million euros


Already from this morning’s words it was clear that the operation was one of those that was destined to make a splash. And at the press conference in Catania, he also wanted to participate Postal Police Director Ivano Gabrielli, Arrived in town this morning. Not surprising, because the numbers of investigators after the story: 70 people under investigation from the north to the south of the country – some of whom are recipients of citizenship income – for taking advantage of streaming Netflix, DAZN, Prime Video, Sky, Mediaset and Individuals around 30 million euros per month.

The Organization profits It cannot be quantified for their benefit, or rather, at the moment only those relating to the six months of the investigation are quantifiable, which may amount to about 10 million euros. short booty Definitely more than a million euros a month, At least in the “golden” period.

To share the largest segment was leadersSome of them are in England, Germany or Tunisia to “commercial agents”, those who put in hacking subscriptions, got a few euros in their pockets for each “contract” which, with about 10 euros / month, allowed them to see everything. to me They gain nothing from unsuspecting citizens that prepaid cards were made to collect the shares of those who did not pay cash monthly.

Piracy, three out of five Italians do not know the risks

January 27

Those who supported the black market will lose us too Behind Amazon and Netflix and the company: i Client They will be punished administratively or criminally.

There is a criminal economic system that actually drains huge resources from the legal system, with organized structures behind it, which is now stratified, well regulated and existing in the region as a real business – Gabrielli explained in a press conference. Investigations revealed links to one of them The real criminal association at different levels, With different roles, even the top who called herself “Gotha”.

In addition to the position of the 70 suspects – added Gabrielli – we will work to deepen investigations and situations As well as to those who distribute and buy this illegal form of production. Let us remember that it is an illegal market that feeds other criminal markets. Those who participate illegally may think they are doing something simple, but in reality they are effectively financing a massive criminal market. We are talking about 70% of the illegal market We are disrupting it by also interfering with the technical forensic infrastructure. “Gotha” is Italian, but the IT infrastructure is foreign.

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