Iliad GIGA 120 Available again: All Unlimited and 120 GB at € 9.99 / month

As soon as 120 GB is available, we will continue browsing for 0.90 € / 100 MB”With your express consentWe remind you that the contract has an unlimited duration, and the user still has the right to terminate the contract at any time with at least 30 days’ notice at no cost.

It is also possible to activate the fiber offer for the home by taking advantage of the offer 5 euro discount per month Dedicated to all Iliad mobile users. In this case the cost of fiber 24.99 19.99 € per month with the new iliadbox WiFi 6 on loan for free.

Activate also online from Unieuro:

We remember the Iliad offers that can be activated with the possibility of passing the number or the new activation:

  • Giga 120: View link
  • Data 300: 300 GB internet + 12 GB data in Europe – View link
  • jig 80: Unlimited calls and messages + 80 GB internet + 7 GB internet in Europe – View link
  • audio only: Unlimited calls and messages + 40MB of data – Offer link
  • Fiber Width 5 Gbit/s: Unlimited Fiber Internet up to 5 GB/sec in total – Offer link

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