Iliad also shuts down networks at night in Italy: a strategy against expensive energy

The Iliad Studied Partial night shutdown of the mobile network: revealed day CEO Benedetto Levi During an interview with the news agency italpress. The operator’s intention is Reduce energy consumption In the moments of the day when supply exceeds demand, an environmentally inefficient situation should be avoided in a historical period like this when the energy supply is not sufficient to meet the needs of the entire population.

The same strategy has already been implemented in France, where the frequency bands 2100MHz for 4G, 2100MHz for 3G and 3.5GHz for 5G are switched off at night. Added to this is the 2.600MHz band, which is already off at night in a trans-alpine country. In practice, the CEO explains, the goal is to reduce networks consumption – themselves particularly energy-intensive – where they are not needed. In the event of a sudden increase in demand, Eliad technology provides automatic restart for the cells that have been turned off.

The phone operator implements 360-degree energy-saving strategies, including ShopsThe offices me too consumers endings. The liadbox routerFor example, it is designed to automatically turn off WiFi at night and when it is not in use: Function – can be accessed via the app liadbox contact It is supported by both the router provided in conjunction with the launch of Viber and the new version compatible with WiFi 6.

And speaking of fiber, Benedetto Levi also talked about super broadband in the interview, recalling agreements signed with Open Fiber and Fibercop and the recent agreement with Fastweb to make the network available. FTTH Exclusive to the widest possible audience. So far they 7.7 million citizens Eliad fiber optics reached by 2023 10 million dollars (Remember that Eliade buys something called dark fiberto enter its devices afterwards to provide the best possible performance).

The full video of the interview can be found at the link in SOURCE.

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