Ikea Dirigera, from November 11 in Italy with the support of Matter | price

It’s almost time for a new home automation center according to IKEA It will be directed and will reach the market in November According to the latest rumors, at least in Germany and Norway, but it is not excluded that the European launch can immediately expect availability also in Italy.

In fact, the Dirigera was introduced last May but since that time the transition to sell status has been waiting, thus after the rumors pointing to October, the hypothesis of the following month is gaining more strength. Confirmations on these times arrive thanks to the newspaper TechGamingReportwhich found the first signs in the German Ikea store in Indicative price 59.99 euros. Later also moved the edge, which also identified the position on the Spanish and Norwegian company’s websites (at €69.99), and in the latter case it was confirmed again in November for the start of sales. But let’s try to understand why Ikea places so much emphasis on this new hub, and take a look at its key features as much as we know them today.

Dirigera will be able to manage more categories of products and devices than the Tradfri hub, as it comes Article support. The latter is a standard adopted by Apple, Google and other tech giants, which will be thanks to a single protocol Capable of making devices of different brands communicate with each other It should enable greater interoperability between competing smart home platforms. Supported devices It will work with HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings and other platforms.

But it will not be the only interesting feature of the Dirigera, which will also be able to communicate via Wi-Fi and Zigbee, which significantly expands the range of compatibility. In addition to these important features, the Dirigera will offer some physical connections such as an ethernet port and a USB-C port, but the latter will only be used for power. Apparently along with its marketing will also launch Ikea New Smart Home app Its details are currently unknown.

Compared to Tradfri (available at €29), its cost will be doubled, but this option will be balanced by additional features, which, thanks to Matter’s support, will make the Dirigera a turning point in the new generation of home automation devices. At this point we just have to wait a little longer and hopefully we know more before the end of the year.

Update: From 11 November Available in Italy


Ikea confirmed it Dirigera will be available in Italy from November 11th With the new Ikea Home Smart app.

As for the features of Dirigera, we refer you to read the original news, available above, while for the new application we still have a few details, but according to the press release “The new IKEA Home smart app will be functional, easy to use and intuitive and will make smart home creation easier. “

As for the prices for the Dirigera, there is no official information and therefore we are waiting for more details, but we remind you that even in our country the cost should remain. Between 59 and 69 euros.

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