Hyundai Ioniq 5 operates a hotel with suites, bar and cinema

it’s a Show the capabilities of the Ioniq 5and Hyundai and mini Pop-up luxury hotel An hour from central London, more of a widely repeatable solution (taking power from a car is less efficient than from the power grid). there Function vehicle for loading (V2L) through which the Ioniq 5 can release the energy stored in the battery pack to the outside, and can be useful in areas with no electricity connection or in emergency situations, thanks to a specific adapter that even very powerful devices can use to be connected.

Ioniq 5 can already Dispense electricity into AC at 230 V and 50 Hz at a maximum of 3.6 kW. In other words, it supplies current in a similar way to a classic household meter, with the same maximum load (3.6 kW) and the same “specs” (230 V and 50 Hz). In short, it can also hold up Full size fridge and oven. Hence, Hyundai has made a stark display of the capabilities of the Ioniq 5 by building a pop-up hotel around it (the first in the world) that will remain open to the public. Until the fifth of November.

It is located in Essex, a stone’s throw from London, and consists of Three environments:

  • Guest room, one wing those offers “Everything you can expect from a luxury boutique hotel”Hyundai writes
  • Bar and restaurant areawith menus and blends curated by Grace Dent, food critic for the Guardian, and a coffee maker tucked under the hood of the Ioniq 5, which obviously comes with the power for espresso.
  • region Cinemawith projector, speaker system and popcorn maker powered by Ioniq 5.

The award-winning IONIQ 5 is capable of powering a Hyundai hotel with its V2L function, where the adapter connected to the vehicle becomes a socket into which devices can be connected. The entire experience demonstrates the practical application of this groundbreaking technology and we hope the concept will inspire more people to get off the grid – said Ashley Andrew, CEO of Hyundai Motor UK.

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