Hunger Games, on Apple TV + for free, all series movies are limited time

Great news for those who subscribe to the Apple TV + service, who, having become the protagonist of increasing the cost of subscription with other Apple products, this time will offer something “for free” to its users. The opportunity comes after the release of the original movie bridge With Jennifer Lawrence, who debuted on Friday.

As a bonus, subscribers will be able to watch the entire franchise of hunger GamesAnd the silver linings playbookfor a limited period of time. Price increases are never satisfactory, but it is good to note that the company is at least trying to add value to the platform with initiatives like this.

This is not an isolated case, in fact, Apple will bring its subscribers various movies and other content on Apple TV + every time it releases an original unreleased title, perhaps somehow related to the same category. Jennifer Lawrence plays the lead role bridgeThe movie was only released on Friday, so Apple will show it All four titles hunger GamesFor subscribers until 30 November.

Movies can be streamed as part of an Apple TV+ subscription and at no additional cost, just as they did in October for the release Greatest drink ever.

Apple has not set official rules for this bonus content, but it is forming as a monthly model, consistent with the arrival of unpublished content. To see what titles are offered as part of your Apple TV + subscription, simply go to the “Included with Apple TV +” section. The additional content will always be a surprise because Apple does not offer a backlog of content as other viewers do. In contrast, Apple focused solely on building a library of original movies and shows. Apple TV + is available for €6.99 per month or with any level of Apple One subscription.

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