HTC, a new upcoming compact VR headset. Does Flow 2 live?

It looks like HTC is in the process of submitting a file New virtual reality headset; And it seems that its main advantage will be… one diet slimming. With the slogan “Go small or go home”, the Taiwanese manufacturer is clearly intent on launching a compact and lightweight device; Incidentally, the same press notes a year since the release of Vive Flow, the first viewer with quite similar physical characteristics. So, Vive Flow 2 confirmed? Absolutely not, but let’s say: very likely. Also because if you look closely at the teaser image, it’s easy to recognize Aviator-style fonts in the original Flow.

We can say that HTC Vive Flow is similar, on a dimensional level, to a pair of glasses; But maybe we’ll be a little generous — let’s just say she’s halfway between goggles and diving masks, come on. Its goal is to bring those users closer to virtual reality who find advanced “traditional” viewers, such as HTC’s Vive Focus 3 itself, too bulky and annoying, without sacrificing comfort standalone product, that is, it integrates all the necessary devices for work, and therefore is completely independent of external processing devices such as a smartphone or computer. For now, the company’s success has been moderate, at best: Vive Flow has access to just a handful of apps, and stability isn’t the best. The overall dimensions are still very important.

For context, it is worth noting that we are in Full of ‘virtual reality glasses season’: ByteDance recently introduced Pico 4, and in a few days, the Meta Echo should repeat with Quest Pro. We don’t have an exact timing instead for the release of this new HTC viewer.

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