How to Play Pubg Mobile Game with Your Girlfriend

In this modern technological era, everybody loves to play the game through their smartphones.

There are so many games available which you can easily play through your mobile device.

PUBG game is one of them. At fast, pubg game was released by Bluehole on PC and Xbox One, now pubg game is converted to the mobile version for both Android and iOS devices.

After the massive success on PC, now pubg fans are able to play their favorite game anytime, anywhere through the help of their smartphones.

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In this amazingly popular battle royal game, you are thrown into an arena filled with a 100 players and your main motive to survive until you are the last one standing, and you have to figure out how to survive in the battle.

If you are new to the game and want to know about how to play pubg mobile game, then you are in the right place,

because today we are here with the article on PUBG Mobile tips and tricks that will surely help you to know about the game and even you can win the game as well.

# Important & Advanced PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks are Listed Below:-

We all know that pubg game can last as long as half an hour and if you do any mistake then things can go horribly wrong,

and your game will over in a few seconds. So, we are sharing some tips and tricks below which will help you to increase chance to win.

Choose an Uncommon Place to Land Safely:- Fast you have to choose a perfect place to land and ensure that there are no other players around you so that you will get more time to collect weapons and other resources to protect yourself.

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Pick up a Gun Quickly:- It is very important to get a gun within minutes of your landing. It will help you to prevent yourself from other players. Also you can kill other players and take their weapons as well.

Shoot to Kill Enemy Only When in Range:- As a beginner, you have to be very careful in the time of shooting your enemy. It is important to shoot your enemy when they’re within range.

If you shoot someone who is not in your range then you will do a big mistake and other players will easily aware of your location.

Keep an Eye On the Map:- Always make sure that you are paying attention or keep an eye on the minimap. For a beginner, it will take time for to understand the map.

This map will guide you to know the safe zone. So, keep watching the map and move according to it.

# Play PUBG Mobile Game with Friends:- It is quite tough to play against 99 players. So, If you want to win easily than you could add your friends to your friend list and start to play with them.

While playing pubg with your close friends you can give your friends a chance to revive you for another go, and also it is nice to have more eyes and gun around the battles.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to play with friends then you can select the auto-fill option which will pair you with three strangers, it might not give you as much success but it will help you not to die quickly.

# Conclusion:- So, guys here in this above post we are sharing some secrets tips and tricks regarding how to play pubg mobile game.

Always remember that pubg game is the game of patience and smartness, so keep patience and you will definitely win the game. Therefore we hope that this article will help you a lot.

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