How to Install an Nfortec Power Supply!

How to Install an Nfortec Power Supply

The power supply is the essence of your equipment, without it, your components could not work, so it is important to choose it well, but also to know how to install it correctly. Today we explain how and where you can place it, depending on the tower and the possibilities it offers. 

We imagine that, more or less, you have the basic information about power supplies, although these are usually the components that many do not pay much attention to. We want to end this custom. We know that choosing your graphics card will surely be much more complicated, but knowing which power supply you need also takes time. 

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Basic concepts

To begin with, the main thing is that you know, approximately, the amount of energy that your components will need, depending on the models that you install, and thus, choose the power supply with the appropriate power. On our website , you have sources of 650W, 750W, 850W and 1050W, so you can choose the one that best suits what you need. 

On the other hand, you have normal, modular, and semi-modular fonts. The main difference is that in the modular and semi-modular ones, it is not necessary to install all the wiring that comes with the source, only the one you need, so your tower can be cleaner in terms of cables, which are sometimes a headache. Here we leave you our guide on font types , in case you want to dig a little more about the available options. 

Where to put the font

Well, the usual thing is to mount the sources in the lower part of the tower, below the PCIe slots, where the hole to install it comes from. But at Nfortec we have a very wide catalog of PC gaming boxes, with all kinds of possibilities, including installing the power supply at the top, in a specific compartment. This is the case of the magnificent Acheron , which has the best ventilation and cooling options, including dissipating heat from the power supply by installing it on top. 

Uninstall the old font

We are going to start by explaining the uninstallation of your previous power supply, in case you had one, so that you can carry out the correct installation of the new one of your choice. 

First things first, and it sure goes without saying, but please unplug the power cord from your source. 

We start by removing the sides of our tower, to be able to access the interior, and disconnect the cables properly. 

Vanth power supply

Next, you must disconnect the wiring that powers the components of your PC, in this case it will be SATA and MOLEX cables. It is important that you know which connectors your components need to work, since, in each case, a different installation will have to be carried out afterwards. Our advice is that, if you are not sure, always consult the manuals of your components and board, and if you want to be sure, a photo with the mobile of how the connections were before disconnecting anything, can be your holy grail for assembly . And it is difficult to make a single manual for all configurations, in fact, it is impossible. 

Once you have disconnected all the cables from the power supply, it is important that you follow the instruction manual of your tower model, to know exactly how to remove the power supply. Normally, when you installed it, you screwed it to the back of your tower, on the outside, so you have to unscrew it to release it. And, in principle, you would already have everything ready to place the new power supply. 


Our assembly guide is based on Nfortec’s model, Scutum X SemiMod, a semi-modular power supply, so you don’t need to connect all the cables, just the ones you need. 

The installation process is a bit of the reverse of what we did earlier. 

RGB power supply

We still do not connect the power cable to be able to work safely, we will tell about it at the end, when we have everything ready. We place the fountain in the place prepared for it in our tower, and screw it to fix it. Remember that the fan must go down, leaving the letters and the logo of the font, on the right. 

And here comes the main issue: wiring. Do you have your pre-uninstall photo handy? Well, if you uninstalled your source without taking into account that it might be difficult for you to mount a new one later, nothing happens, you are not the first and it is normal. Have the manuals of your components, such as the motherboard and the graphics card, which are the main ones, at hand. In them it should specify what wiring should go to the power supply, so you can confirm it, just in case. 

On the other hand, every power supply will have its own manual, also those of Nfortec and you can download them from our website. Keep it handy and also use it to identify the wiring at each step of the assembly. 

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Wiring is the key

Now, it’s time to install the main power cable to your motherboard. Our Scutum X, like most sources, has a 20 + 4-pin ATC cable, which can become 20 or 24, depending on the connector on your board. Simply identify if you need 24 or 20 pins, and if it is 20, separate the remaining 4 and leave them unconnected, it will not be necessary on your motherboard. 

The next thing we will connect to the motherboard is the 4 + 4 pin cable, EPS12V, and it is also detachable like the previous one. If your board has a 4-pin connection, then 4 will be enough. 

Power supply wiring

The SATA and MOLEX cables that power the rest of the components must be installed as you had them previously. However, if these are directly connected to the motherboard, they will not need a connection to the source. 

Finally, there is the power of the graphics card, and it will only have to be connected to the source in case it needs additional power. Not all cards require this connection, it is necessary that you review your manual well, before launching to connect and go. Normally, if you need a connection, you will have to connect it using a PCI-Express cable, in the case of Scutum X, you can do it using the included 6 + 2-pin PCI Express cable. 

If your power supply is modular, surely you will have some cables left over, don’t worry, nothing happens. In case it is not modular, you must confirm that all its cables are connected where they should be, so that it can work. 

Once this is done, all that remains is to connect the power cable from the source, and plug in the PC, and if you have followed the steps, you should not have any problem with any component. Everything should be ready and working, but remember that you should always check the manuals of each component to know 100% what you should or should not connect. 

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