Horizon Worlds VR, Meta is having a hard time keeping the number of users high

The Horizon Worlds VR metaverse appears to be less attractive than the company behind it had expected. It’s recent news that Horizon Worlds, a social meta world set in virtual reality, is struggling to gain and even keep active users. To support it will be some internal documents obtained from The Wall Street JournalCurrently, according to Horizon Worlds It has about 200,000 monthly active users, a drop compared to the 300,000 user target that Meta confirmed just last February.

Horizon Worlds is the basis of the metaverse according to the Meta and allows users to access a virtual world where they can create or simply location places where they can interact, play, meet other people, chat with friends and much more. The excitement at first was overwhelming and the platform’s user base actually increased tenfold after it expanded to include everyone who owns a Quest VR headset in the US and Canada in December 2021, however, those numbers have ballooned because the holiday season may have shrunk rapidly, to the point of that according to WSJ Meta now aims to reach 280,000 monthly active users In Horizon Worlds at the end of this year Instead of its initial target of 500,000.

Other very discouraging data coming from the same source indicates that out of 10,000 separate worlds, only about 9% are visited by over 50 users and most of those don’t come back after a month of using the platform. We’re certainly in the early stages and boredom will very likely easily take over, but the company is confident and a Meta spokesperson said the company’s plans for the Metaverse are part of a multi-year effort, under which they will do so. Improvements are being made continuously.

We can definitely say that in addition to the influx of users, there are also many stability issues and graphics errors that need to be resolved. Although Meta has yet to comment on what was reported by The Wall Street JournalWe know that regarding the issues mentioned, Meta Vice President of Metaverse Vishal Shah said in a note that the team will be subject to a “quality lock” until the end of 2022 to suspend the rollout of new features and address platform bugs. Simply put, you must first solve the problems and then work on expanding the service.

Meta has also launched a new tool that is supposed to make it easier to report errors from the Horizon Worlds app, and even admitted in a blog post that the platform is “unstable”. At the company’s Connect event last Tuesday, Meta unveiled the $1,799 Quest Pro VR headset that’s being marketed to companies looking to collaborate in virtual reality.

Not only that, but Mark Zuckerberg also announced it Very soon Horizon Worlds avatars will be equipped with “functional” legs They showed what they would look like during the show. It was a little preview, until we know how the metaverse will change after the introduction of this novelty, we’ll have to wait a little longer.

In fact, the presentation did not include any shots of how the legs are actually interpreted by the Quest headset, which raised general concerns about the need to purchase additional hardware … and it is almost certainly not cheap.

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