Honor, the next fold on the road: ultra-thin but with great autonomy

Honor is launching its new foldable smartphone The book (Galaxy Z Fold style, so to speak): was predicted by the company’s CEO during a Q&A video session posted on the Chinese social network Weibo. You can follow the SOURCE link at the bottom of the article to view it, if the language barrier does not scare you; But the bottom line is that the goal is Beat the autonomy records for devices in this category and at the same time those for lightness.

In recent days, again thanks to the usual Weibo leak gadgets, a schematic image/concept of the device has been circulating, where it is possible to notice how the thickness of the two halves is already quite low (one must consider Microsoft Surface Duos, to understand); The main element of this design will be the so-called “blade battery”. Specifically, we are talking about two very thin batteries, of course one for each half, in different shapes to improve the dimensions and one Total Capacity 5000mAh.

Judging by the drawing, The design of the camera module will be somewhat unchanged Compared to those seen on Honor’s first foldable, Magic V (opening photo) – three vertical modules in the upper left corner are decorated with a pattern of crossed discs. The drawing also promises a “flat” opening of 180 degrees; The projection of the photographic unit, among other things, seems to be somewhat contained.

According to sources, the device will be equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus, but there is still some uncertainty about it: the reason is that Actually there will be two posts in the pipeline – Magic Vs, the actual update to last year’s Magic V, and Magic V2, a brand new model. Vs should have S8+ G1, while V2 will have Snapdragon 8 Gen 2; What isn’t entirely clear is which of the two devices the diagram is referring to.

Unfortunately, as usual, it is difficult to get complete and reliable information from China, not least because of the language and difficulty in accessing sources (Weibo has important limitations for those without an account, and you need a Chinese phone number to register first: in any case, Honor will hold an event in End of November, right after Qualcomm’s announcement: High-profile announcements are expected, including the new “regular” 80 Series range and updates actually on the fold.

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