Honda Hornet back: 92hp twin-cylinder engine

Honda, at Intermote Cologne, has taken off the veil on the new CB750 Hornet. There has been much anticipation for the return of the Hornet, a model that has had huge success in the past. In June we had the opportunity to see the first sketches of the new Japanese nudes, and now we can finally discover all their secrets. Compared to the last Hornet, the new model is significantly different, starting with a twin-cylinder engine, the Japanese manufacturer decided to put aside 4 cylinders, preferring to use a double cylinder. An option that could make Hornet fans turn their noses up. Fuyuki Hosokawa, Test Project Leader, Honda Research and Development Corporation, Japan, explained the reason for this choice. We knew it was essential to maintain the ugliness of the typical Hornet at high revs, but at the same time, like the next-generation Hornet of modern times, we wanted the engine to provide an intrinsic feel of torque, accompanied by the limp sound that also makes it engaging at low and mid-rev. Our goal has always been to combine these connectivity characteristics with maximum agility and control, to make every moment of driving, even in the city, truly enjoyable and rewarding. To achieve the kind of performance and agility we wanted, we knew we needed to develop an all-new “short-stroke” two-cylinder engine with a 270-degree crank. This type of powertrain will not only develop this type of connectivity at high revs, but also consistent torque at low and mid-rev, ideal for both urban driving and rushing out of curves on the open road. According to the specifications of the new engine, the 755 cc twin-cylinder is capable of delivering 92 hp (67.5 kW) of maximum power at 9500 rpm and 75 Nm of maximum torque at 7250 rpm. With a weight (with full fuel tank) of 190 kg, the new Hornet has a power-to-weight ratio of 2.81 kg/kW. The engine is combined with a 6-speed gearbox with an auxiliary clutch and soleplate. The top speed is 205 km/h and Honda declares its consumption equal to 23 km/l according to the WMTC cycle. The tank capacity is 15.2 liters (possible range 340 km). On the electronics front, the new Honda Hornet can rely on Throttle By Wire (TBW) technology which includes 4 driving modes (one of which is fully customizable) that combine 3 levels of traction control HSTC (Honda Selectable Torque Control), It is integrated with anti-roller system) and 3 levels of force and adjustment of the engine brakes. Sport mode uses power level 3 (P), engine braking level 1 (EB) and traction control level 1 (T) HSTC to ensure maximum performance with minimal interference. Standard mode is an intermediate setting that uses level 2 of all parameters, power (P), engine brake (EB) and traction control (T). RAIN mode uses power level 1 (P), engine braking level 2 (EB), and traction control level 3 (T) HSTC. USER mode allows the rider to freely select all three parameters, effectively creating a fully customized riding mode. The new two-wheeled wagon of the Japanese manufacturer can also count on a new steel frame with a diamond body (weight 16.6 kg). Then we have the 41mm Showa SFF-BP inverted fork and Showa shock with a ProLink linkage. The braking system at the front consists of a double 296 mm disc with 4-piston radial Nissin calipers. However, in the rear we find a single 240-disc with single-piston calipers. The front wheel is equipped with a 120/70ZR17 tire, while the rear is equipped with a 160/60 ZR17 tire. The new Hornet also has a lot of technology. We find, in fact, a 5-inch color screen that in addition to presenting all the main information about the bike, allows you to use the connection of the voice control system to the Honda smartphone for Android and iOS devices. Illumination is ensured by full LED headlights. The new Honda CB750 Hornet will be available in the following colors: Pearl White with Flame Red Metallic bezel, Graphite Red Anodized fork with Flame Red Metallic bezel, Iridium Yellow Metallic Gray Metallic Yellow Goldfinch Price? In Italy it starts from 7,990 euros. The new Hornet is also available in a drivable version with an A2 license.

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