High Quality Gaming Chair with Comfortable Upholstery


High Quality Gaming Chair with Comfortable Upholstery

Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of high quality, high performance PC components and peripherals. With the SKILLER SGS30, Sharkoon presents a high quality gaming chair in two model versions: one with a stylish faux leather cover and the other with a breathable fabric cover. For extra spine relaxation, both versions come with a headrest and lumbar pillows made from memory foam. The chair’s backrest can be reclined and locked up to 165 degrees, allowing the user to lie down and rest. The seat base is densely padded, making it particularly comfortable. Class 4 gas lifting piston and sturdy five-star aluminum base allow for secure attachment even under demanding conditions.

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Color selection

The SKILLER SGS30 is available in two different versions: one version with a classic fabric cover and the other with an elegant faux leather cover. The fabric version is available in black and light gray with seams along the contours of the backrest. The faux leather version is available in four different color schemes: black with subtle beige or white color accents; and black with fun color accents in pink or red.

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Especially comfortable

The SKILLER SGS30 has a seat base with particularly thick upholstery that should invite the user to sit for hours. This is complemented with headrest and lumbar pillows made of memory foam. Cushions support the spine, relieving pressure when sitting for long periods. The armrests can be adjusted in height and can be moved forward or backward, and can also be angled left or right.


Solidly built

The frame construction of the SKILLER SGS30 is made of steel and the five-star base is made of aluminum. This should ensure a secure hold at all times, even when the gaming chair is subject to demanding use. Five 75mm wheels with locking function support stability, as does the class 4 gas lift piston.


Invitations to relax

The SKILLER SGS30 has an integrated tilt mechanism under the seat base, which allows the chair to be tilted backwards by up to 14 degrees. The backrest, on the other hand, can be reclined at an angle of up to 165 degrees.


Availability and Price

The SKILLER SGS30 is now available at the manufacturer’s suggested price of $299.

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