Here is a Gaming PC Configuration


Here is a Gaming PC Configuration

Very difficult this year (2022) for gaming PC configurations for the fixed budget of 3500 lei. Unfortunately, the prices of the video cards do not give prospects of returning to normal, and the configuration on the budget of 3500 lei on this article cannot be respected.

I rather recommend buying a gaming laptop for this budget, at least until the board prices return to normal.

However, I will make a configuration with the optional video card at MSRP price, maybe you will find it on OLX at a more decent price.


The gaming system will be configured to be useful for anything:

Beginner-intermediate level photo and video editing.

Gaming at full HD resolutions with high details on the latest games.



Possibility of OC but I do not recommend, at least not without aftermarket fan and anyway it is more difficult because the processor is not from the K series but can be unlocked.

Solitaire if Mario

Which pc gaming system $500 to buy?

3500 RON is not a cheap amount at all and I will try to squeeze every penny from the configuration for a higher performance, to fit everything in a recommendation that looks good and visually but to be exceptional in games as well.

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Gaming Configuration $500

But since nothing is perfect, I will do a little abstraction of future upgrades and I will not put a motherboard to support future upgrades.

But I will make sure that for 4-5 years at least we will not miss anything. We had to compromise, didn’t we?

And as most configurations have to start with the processor, but there are small exceptions.


Let’s go: Build a Gaming PC

PC gaming processor $500

We have selected a very powerful processor to support current games and future titles. Processors tend to become irrelevant to gaming, graphics cards are increasingly taking over the processing power and graphics acceleration of games. But the processor remains a basic component for the rest of the processes, multi-tasking, video editing, etc.

If I had lowered the price to the processor, it would not handle the video editing side.



It is not necessary to spend huge sums on motherboards, a motherboard of 300 lei is not better than one of 1000 lei on the gaming side, it does not bring benefits unless we want a motherboard to connect the RAID storage, overclocking, or connecting 2 or more SLI or Crossfire video cards. So this is not the case in this configuration.

Component prices have risen in recent years due to cryptocurrency mining. It is becoming more and more difficult to configure affordable and high-performance gaming systems


Memory Ram

In 2019 you can still play with 8gb ram memory, ideally we have as much as possible for video editing at medium level.


Video card

It will be the same as in most cases of pc gaming 3500 lei, I am very close to going on a configuration with nvidia gtx 1070.

In the end, I chose an RTX 2000 series gaming card that handles admirably, games like GTA will take them to high detail somewhere above 50 fps. It also depends on the resolution you play and the graphics options enabled. The plus comes on the CUDA “core” side, which will be very useful in video editing. It is a board to which I have made several recommendations and it is quite performing in the current games.


Storage space

Here it is obvious that we have only 1 viable solution ssd kingston 240 GB + 1TB WD blue. SSDs are not mandatory for gaming, although they only improve the load-ing in games, they do not bring extra fps. It also depends a lot on the preferences of gamers and the collection of games they own. If the game stash is high, I recommend an HDD system.

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Sources are among the most important components for system reliability and stability. A source that delivers stable voltages for components will ensure the system to function properly and for a long time.



The housings are important only in terms of wire management and ventilation. The rest is up to everyone’s preferences. Many prefer LED lighting systems, with or without glass. I chose a case with a very good quality-price-performance ratio.

And I reached the end of the PC gaming recommendation and I managed to get the budget below 3500 lei. But you can opt for another more beautiful case and the budget will be a little over 3500 RON.

Below are the links: Check Price on Amazon


PC gaming recommendation $500 for 2022:

Procesor Intel® Core™ i5

Asus motherboard

16GB DDR4 memory

GeForce® GTX 1660 Ti video card (1500 RON MSRP price)

HDD WD Blue 1TB – opțional


Source Segotep

Segotep Prime T housing

I keep this configuration in case you find a video card at the MSRP price, because the video cards are still at double prices, but they started to go down because the price was triple a few months ago.

The budget was slightly exceeded. The system does not contain the dvd-rw assembly and drive. I recommend using the usb stick to install windows.

Keep in mind that the processor is WITHOUT built-in gpu, so the gaming system requires a mandatory external video card. If the parts are out of stock or you need changes to the system please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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