Harry Styles in Cop from November 4th on Prime Video | Poster & Trailer

Starting November 4, a new movie will arrive on Prime Video starring well-known English singer and actor, Harry Styles, alongside Emma Corin, Jenna Mackie, Linus Roach, David Dawson and Robert Everett. titled policeman It was written by Ron Niswaner and directed by Michael Grange.

The film will follow the love affairs, choices, and consequences for three boys, starting in the 1950s and then jumping into the 1990s, with the main protagonists involved 40 years after the original events. Let’s get to know better what he’s talking about policeman Thanks to the official record.

The beautiful story about forbidden love and changing social norms, policeman It follows three boys – policeman Tom (Harry Styles), teacher Marion (Emma Corinne) and curator Patrick (David Dawson) – on an exciting journey through 1950s Britain. In the ’90s, Tom (Linus Roche), Marion (Gina Mackie), and Patrick (Robert Everett) were still in the throes of desire and regret, but now they had one last chance to undo the damages of the past. Based on the novel by Bethan Roberts, director Michael Grange paints a visually moving picture of three people caught up in the ever-changing tide of history, freedom, and tolerance.

Waiting for the official trailer, we can enjoy our first teaser, here we go.


Prime Video also revealed the new poster for the movie after sharing the official trailer for policemanThe movie, with Harry Styles, will be released on November 4. More details about the story are available in the original article above.

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