Google’s search engine changes search results: more visible and transparent

Google interferes with search To help those who use the most commonly used search engine to contextualize the results displayed on smartphones and mobile devices in general. between pivotal novelty Greater clarity of wording sponsored by To advertise content on top of the results and a number of changes to make link sources more visible at first glance.

Google in detail it News and changes for results Search on mobile devices:

  • Add the names of sites and portals to the search results, in order to immediately determine the site associated with each result
  • Updates the website logo/icon associated with the search result, so as to make it more visible
  • Newbies will also be expanded to include sponsored results, which instead change immediately as follows:
    • separate line from the wording sponsored byin the upper right of the respective content
    • sponsored by It will be in bold, to be clearer and more visible for each type of content.

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