Google Stadia shutdown, employees reported a few minutes ago to users

During the last day, Google formalized the closure of Google Stadia, the cloud gaming service that started with great fanfare with its 2019 show and reached the end of the streak after just 3 years. Rumors have been circulating about it for a while, and between denials and attempts to deny the evidence, we finally came to the surprising announcement a few hours ago. But there is a backstory that not only yesterday’s users got, but also the team of employees who were involved in developing Stadia. But let’s go in order and try to reconstruct the facts of the last few hours. In fact, such a move was hard to predict all of a sudden, as the new title Hot Wheels Game of the Year Edition was released just a few hours ago, along with a major redesign for the web version of Stadia. Then the announcement in the evening that the service was shutting down, and it seems that Google may not have behaved properly with those who work there. We learn this from a Reddit post posted by an anonymous user, according to which the Stadia team had received an email at 7 according to the local time zone, with an invitation to a meeting at 8.30. This is the translated text of the email. Hey everyone, today, September 29th at 8:30AM PT (5:30PM according to our time zone), we’ll be having a Stadia team meeting to share some important updates with everyone. Sorry for the short notice – we would appreciate if you could prioritize attendance at this meeting or see your manager later if you didn’t attend. Details have been added to your calendars. This will be a virtual meeting only, so feel free to join wherever you are working today. More and more sources will confirm what happened, he told 9to5google who was going to collect many testimonials on the matter. In fact, if this move is confirmed, the meeting will take place only 45 minutes before the publication of the final post in the official blog, which appeared at 09.15 (18.15 according to our time zone). This move is not very surprising because it is not the first time that Google has taken a similar position, in fact, it actually happened last year when the company closed its Stadia Games and Entertainment division. Following the same pattern as yesterday, Phil Harrison held a meeting minutes before the announcement was made. On that occasion too, there wasn’t much expectation, in fact, in the earlier days, Harrison sent another email to the staff praising the development team’s work. What to say, besides insulting if we look at the sequence of events in hindsight. It’s not currently clear what the future holds for the rest of Stadia employees within Google, but based on what happened to those who used to work in the Stadia Games & Entertainment division, Google could present an opportunity to work on new jobs within Google. by Google. Games September 30 But even among users there is no shortage of grievances after the announcement of the closure of the service, and if Google immediately announced that it would return all devices purchased from its store in exchange for Stadia work, on the other hand, there are all the goals that have been achieved in games , especially when it comes to online games, which will be permanently lost. For some, the value of this problem is insignificant, for others it means a lot and is immeasurable harm. Particularly appropriate to put the above into context is the case of user Color, who on Twitter declared his desperation after announcing the closure of Stadia, that his progress with Red Dead Redemption Online would not end in naught. But this isn’t just progress, the user actually exceeded 5,900 hours of activity, and the damage was so severe that it prompted the user to contact Rockstar Games directly to ask the company for a solution that could keep their progress. The company has yet to respond, but this symbolic case gives voice to many other similar issues and focuses its spread on these issues. And who knows if others will join the chorus, perhaps leading Google into a dialogue with publishers and possibly a solution, at least about saving the progress for later use on other platforms. At the moment, everything is silent, but we will talk about it again if more information appears on this topic.

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