Google Stadia is shutting down: what’s happening now and how to get a refund

Stadia is at the end of the line, and the service will permanently close on January 18, 2023 just three years after it was announced at GDC 2019. The streaming gaming platform launched with very different expectations, but it failed to take root “as we expected,” Google says. Hence the decision to close everything. Let’s try to understand what is happening now for Stadia users by answering the most frequently asked questions, especially about refunds. We will refund all Stadia device purchases made through the Google Store and all purchases of games and additional content made from the Stadia Store. Players will continue to access and play their game library until January 18, 2023 so that they can complete their gameplay sessions. We expect most refunds to be completed by mid-January 2023. Games 30 Games Collection September 30 When does the stadium close? January 18, 2023. Until that date it will be possible to play games on the platform, as of that day offline servers will be cut off. However, between now and the end of service, there may be problems for some games, “but most of these games should continue to run smoothly.” When do you close the game and lose all progress in the game? Except in rare cases of titles that support progression between different gaming platforms. In general, however, when the service is closed, the progress cannot be restored. Can I buy STADIA games or hardware? Google intends to refund all hardware purchases made on the Google Stadia Founders Edition Premiere Edition Play and Watch console with Google TV All software purchases (games and add-ons) from the Stadia Store In all such cases, Google will refund the amount previously spent. Refunds are not required to return hardware products. What will not be recovered? There is no refund for a Stadia Pro subscription. Users who have an active subscription at the time of the closing announcement will still be able to access their play library for free until January 18, 2023. How do I know how much will be refunded? If you want to get an estimate of how much Google will return in the form of a refund, simply do the calculation by accessing: Order history: Mark all expenses related to Stadia and select the sum of purchases and subscriptions: Add the amount spent by removing any costs for Stadia Pro (which will not be refunded) How will it be refunded? by country. The company says the intent is to pay with the same payment method used during the purchase. If this is no longer available or the purchase was made with a gift card, Google will contact the user via email to agree to an alternative method of refund. January 2023.

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