Google Nest Hub Review – Google smart home device

Google Nest Hub

If we talk about the Global market, smart gadgets like speakers have been sensational so far, but the smart display is grabbing the trend in India now.

Considering the next evolution in the tech market, smart displays originate with the same features as speakers in addition to a visual context screen option.

Talking about the smart displays, we have witnessed the Amazon Echo Show featuring a 10-inch screen, Lenovo Smart Clock, and Amazon Echo Spot so far.

Although receiving advanced products from Amazon, Google has pushed the tech boundaries with its new features and usability with all the power of Google Assistant in the completely digital photo frame called Google Nest Hub.

Does this device able to compete with Amazon’s Echo Show? Let’s have a look at Google’s new Nest Hub.

Google Nest Hub Design

From the launching first product to tablets, Google has kept the level of concord.

The brand new Nest Hub works on the same concept featuring a just 178.5 x 118 x 67.3mm (L x H x D) 7-inch touch screen to remind you of the daily schedule.

Unlike the floating display of Amazon Echo Show 5, Nest Hub comes with a two forward-facing microphone display, which is half-inch above the surface, giving a decent look.

On the behind of the screen, Google Nest Hub has a modest body featuring a small speaker and colored rubber facade at the bottom for a solid grip.

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Weighing half of the total weight, Google Nest Hub lacks in this field of designing. Built with a plastic body having the Chalk color variant,

Nest Hub comes with a wedge-shaped base and mesh Grey fabric cover or allows us four colors pink, black, white and baby blue.

If we talk about the color options for Nest Hub, All-Black with matt finish is another option available for you.

To control the volume of the device, physical buttons are given in the back of the screen. You can get great discount on electronic items online using cover it up coupons.

Google Nest Hub Display

Now, let’s figure out further about the screen of Nest Hub. Is it worth giving a normal 7-inch display to keep the records as a verbal description of traffic in your area?

The major difference between Amazon’s Echo Show and Google Nest Hub is the camera setup on the screen.

Echo Show had the camera of 5MP for video calls and photos, while there’s no camera in Nest Hub as per the privacy concern.

Instead of camera setup, Nest Hub provides a prominent ambient light sensor that works according to the brightness of the room.

Known as Ambient EQ, this light sensor enables the option of the face of screen and color temperature.

Google Nest Hub Performance

Nest Hub provides another option to detect the time and weather at the bottom left of the display beside one of the full-screen clock faces.

If you don’t like the photos on the screen, you can swipe them via an app that allows controlling the photos on a specific duration of time.

Home View allows an influx to user-defined cycles, gallery, and passage to other home appliances, that relate to Google account.

It allows setting a daily routine having the weather information and news that regulate your lights. You’ll get quick access to options like brightness, DND, alarms, volume, and settings when you swipe up from the bottom.

In the morning, Nest Hub provides you the card related to YouTube Music, YouTube, and other extra applications.

Touching those cards, you’ll have the access to the information regarding these cards. You can swipe back to go to the previous screen at any point in time.

Google Nest Hub Assistant Setup

Before you access your smart home devices, you need to set up your account at Google Home App.

After downloading and loading on Nest Hub, Google Nest Hub allows you to tap on the plus icon on Home. Then, you need to choose the room’s location to pair out the hub devices that you have purchased with Home Hub.

With the help of Google Home App UI, this process can take up to 10-15 minutes for the setup.

Google’s Nest family of devices including its smart security camera, smart thermostat, and video doorbell system works exceptionally with Google Nest Hub.

Google Nest Hub provides you the streaming Music Services in the form of iHeartRadio, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube Music.

Google’s advanced service called Google Assistant is running over 5,000 smart devices from 400 companies. You can apply for Android Developer Jobs to know about this field.

Google Nest Hub price and availability

There are four color option is available for Google Nest Hub as chalk, charcoal, aqua, and sand. Each of these colors costs $129. With this, you get access to one month of the free trial of YouTube premium.

Service costs could be up to $12. However, these devices are just smart speakers that can proffer extra visual context to give the answers, without apprehending the absolute potential of the display.

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