Google may be able to open the Stadia console, but the solutions already exist

Google decided to close its doors stadia Since January, it has been known. And if the recovery mode is clear, then console future Due to some known limitations: It can be used with PCs, Macs and smartphones cableAnd the Bluetooth Instead, it’s locked down on Stadia, which is set to shut down.

Who bought a Stadia controller and you might be happy with it too, From January onwards, will he have to give in to using it exclusively by connecting it via cable? A major limitation, and not everyone will do it properly as long as the console is still working. The real danger is that Thousands of work platforms end up in the trash Because of a software lock that prevents it from pairing in Bluetooth with sources other than Stadia.

Looks like Google has figured out the problem He understands the user protest on Reddit has a reason to be, and is considering a firmware update that will allow the console to run at full power even after Stadia shuts down. But the times may be long: As the Google rep wrote, any update will make it 360-degree usable after, after Stadia closed. but The solutions already exist To overcome the limits of wireless connectivity, though not an immediate distinction.

Grid “do it yourself”

One suggestion is Using your Android device as a “bridge” between console and PC for example Through the Wiredless Pro application that the developer showed in the video on his YouTube channel: Android receives the signal from the console via cable and wirelessly reflects it on the PC. It’s not perfect Why some buttons don’t seem to work and why are you still bonded to the cables, the ones that connect the console to your Android device.

a More effective but less instant solution To put it into practice, especially for those not particularly familiar with do-it-yourself solutions, pass by installing Python 3 on PC and via the custom-built program by engineer Parth Shah and available on GitHub: Here is the guide. Also in this case as in the previous case Do not throw cables Because the console should still be connected to the Android device, but at least all the switches seem to work.

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