Google, another millionaire slap from India: Abusing Play Store dominance

Not even a week after the millionaire fine handed over to Google by Google Indian Competition Commission For anti-competitive practices on Android, here it is CCI returns to knock on the door of Mountain View officials for another punishment. And the number converted to dollars is still nine digits: 9.36 billion rupees, $113 million, in exchange for exploiting a dominant position via the Play Store.

At the end of a long investigation, the Indian Commission described as Imposing unfair terms for whom Google requires developers to use their own payment system For apps published on the Play Store. CCI forced Google to open the store for external payments Within three months, Adding that it will not accept interface solutions or end up blocking those who choose to transfer payments in any other way from promoting their services to users.

In short, the committee Google asks Being transparent with developers, Not to impose conditions on them “unfair, unreasonable, discriminatory or malicious for the services provided.” Furthermore, the application must be submitted in black and white by the Indian regulators The data collection policy is clear and transparentso that Google cannot transfer ownership Consumer transaction data Generated by the Google Play payment system.

Punishment does not exist heavy For Mountain View men, km Submissions By those who have a duty to interfere in a A market like the Indian market that is experiencing an economic boom which can thus guarantee a large economic flow. With Android, Google has an extension Market share in India from 95-97%It is a kind of monopoly. It is no coincidence that India for Google is the main market in the world in terms of the number of users.

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