Goodyear Eagle GO, the special tire of Citroen Ole

Citroen Ole is the new electric concept car unveiled by the French brand yesterday. It is a very special prototype in form and content that can be considered as a statement of the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bnavigating the future of Citroen. The French manufacturer, speaking of his car, stated that it has specific tires developed by Goodyear. Now, the tire manufacturer wanted to tell us something more about this new product. Sustainable and Recyclable Materials The tire created for this concept is called Goodyear Eagle GO and features a tread compound made from either sustainable or recycled materials. The Goodyear Eagle GO is the third modular tire developed with Citroen, with the goal of increasing the vehicle’s efficiency, durability and comfort. The tire manufacturer says that materials such as sunflower oil, pine resin, natural rubber and silica derived from rice husk have been used for the tread compound. Specifically, sunflower oils and pine resins are renewable materials and are intended to replace petroleum-derived oils. These materials are currently used to produce “vegetable ink” for printers. Goodyear’s goal is to completely replace petroleum-derived oils in its products by 2040. Instead, natural rubber from the Hevea brasiliensis tree is being used to replace petroleum-based synthetic rubber, using responsible farming and farming methods. Rice husk and silica are obtained from processed rice, which can reduce waste destined for landfills, as it was also used in reinforced concrete in the past. Interestingly, the tire has a “regenerative tread”. In fact, it can be rebuilt twice in its life, thus increasing its duration. Goodyear has set itself an ambitious goal of hitting 500,000 miles with the Eagle GO concept tire, thanks to sustainable chassis reuse and a renewed tread. Goodyear also says that it uses Goodyear SightLine technology on this particular tire, which includes a sensor that monitors certain tire parameters. This solution is already in use to assist some Goodyear’s customer fleet managers and can provide further support to significantly reduce waste and increase efficiency while maintaining optimal tire pressure and condition. Laurent Colantonio, Regional Director of Consumer Technology for EMEA, commented: “Model tires are a great way for Goodyear to develop the latest technology that can be applied to our products. The tests we will be running with this project will provide useful data and insights to continue our journey as mobility innovators, ensuring the best products and services for retailers and customers around the world.

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