Goodbye Google Hangouts, complete the switch to chat. Street View app is closed

Google Hangouts arrived in end of his journey. It is certainly not new, given that several years ago rumors then turned into certainty despite the 5 billion downloads obtained on the Play Store: first the disappearance from the Android and Apple stores, then the start of data migration to chat, a tool that inherits its functionality and extends it further. Chat is available as a standalone app and is integrated into Gmail.

March 29

Google Hangouts Disappeared: Shut Down and Start Chat Relay

June 29

The latest version of Hangouts still works the web ( which, however, shows the following message as soon as you open it:

The date of change is history November 1, 2022: from yesterdayIn fact, if you try to use Hangouts on the web, you will be redirected to the web chat. As Google explains, “Users can continue to use Takeout to download their data until January 1, 2023 (PST, GMT -7)“.

So with Hangouts on the web shutting down, Google’s gadget adventure ends once and for all: The mobile app is no longer availableas well as the Chrome extension, and now the last chance to access it has been withdrawn from the market.

How to perform data migration

  • being able to Google Takeout with your account
  • Select Hangouts Only
  • Click Next Step
  • Under Delivery method, select Backup frequency (recommended: download once)
  • Select file type
  • Click Export
  • Once you receive a confirmation email, you can download the Hangouts data file

Quick Glimpse of Hangout vs Chat

Let’s summarize the main differences between Hangouts and chat :

  • @ Signals
  • PWA desktop application
  • Chrome extension
  • Customize notification sounds
  • dark mode
  • Edit/Delete Sent Messages
    • Chat: Yes (but not all, it depends on the type of account)
    • Hangouts: No
  • Reactions with emojis
  • coordination
    • Chat: Yes (but not all, it depends on the type of account)
    • Hangouts: No
  • Send multiple photos in one message
    • Chat: Coming soon
    • Hangouts: Yes
  • attachments
  • GIF
  • Spaces with threaded conversations
    • Chat: Yes (but not all, it depends on the type of account)
    • Hangouts: No
  • Video calls with ring
    • Chat: Only in the chat tab of the Gmail mobile app. Also coming to the chat app
    • Hangouts: Yes

Also new for a street view

street view It won’t disappear as a function (I celebrated fifteen years of life last spring), but standalone app. This was confirmed by a Google spokesperson who stated that the app will be pulled from the App Store and Play Store In the coming weeks This support will end on March 23, 2023.

All Street View tools and functions It will still be inside the Google Maps app.

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