Germany will invest more than 6 billion euros for the freight network

To drive the spread of electric cars, a capillary charging network is required. It has been talked about for some time and the builders themselves have repeatedly called for political intervention to push for an ambitious infrastructure plan. In this regard, the European Parliament in the past few days has given the green light to legislation aimed at accelerating the construction of charging infrastructure within the member states of the European Union.

But Germany does not intend to waste time. The German governmentActually, he decided that Investment of 6.3 billion euros Within 3 years of the rapid growth of electric vehicle power supply infrastructure.

The plan is ambitious. In fact, the goal is to increase the current recharging network by 14 times by 2030. By that date, in fact, we want to have 1 million charging points within the country. Currently there are about 70 thousand. According to Reuters, there will be a lot of focus in those areas of the country where there is currently no or no energy supply infrastructure.

This significant advance of the charging network should make it possible to reach the goal of having 15 million electric vehicles (including plug-ins) on the road by 2030. There are currently about 1.5 million. Germany expects the electric car market to grow significantly in the coming years, and for this reason, it intends to make it easier for people to choose this new form of mobility.

For the German government, in fact, Driving an electric car It must be a positive experience. That’s why we want to work to simplify the entire shipping process with the broadest possible infrastructure.

This plan elicited mixed reactions from trade associations, who have long complained that the government has not been able to keep pace with the rapid expansion of electric vehicles. For example, the German Automobile Industry Association (VDA) expressed satisfaction, speaking of a very important step, although the speed of implementation will be decisive. The most important are the companies in the energy sector that are talking about a very expensive project.

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