GeForce RTX 4090, custom Manli battles dangle with the integrated level!

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 is a very powerful graphics card, but it also has Really cool dimensions; And if with the latest cards already, the so-called slack is a tangible problem, with the latest Santa Clara release a little bit of support is now necessary inside the case. Thus, between the serious and the exquisite, the manufacturer Manli had a beautiful idea of ​​a beautiful execution levelnothing less.

As you can see from the pictures, the “air bubble” (or rather The, since there are two) mounted on the back, complementing a decidedly fitting industrial design. Like every other RTX 4090s, the board is one triple hole; Almost all manufacturers now include some sort of bracket or support to help the card stay nice straight in the case and not bend over time, and according to our colleagues at Videocardz in this case, it wasn’t received. Fortunately, case manufacturers are learning about the new trend, and it’s increasingly common for new products to offer the ability to mount the video card in parallel to the motherboard, with the PCIe slot facing down, using dedicated jack cables.

Aside from the heatsink, Manli’s solution is exactly the same as all other boards based on the RTX 4090 architecture: 24 GB GDDR6X RAM, 16384 CUDA cores, 128 3rd generation RT cores, 512 4th generation Tensor Cores, 4nm production process, overclocked up to 2,520MHz and TDP of 800W. .

Attention: on Aliexpress there are units of this card marked 51RISC, Manley confirmed A Video Cards That this is a scam – the images were copied and edited with basic details using Photoshop. The only manufacturer authorized to market this particular design is Manli. We remind you that just this morning we told you about NVIDIA’s latest initiative to avoid the phenomenon of speculators, at least in these very early stages of ticket distribution: basically an invitation system based on the presence or absence of the GeForce Experience app on your device. Lucky people will have the opportunity to buy the card at the list price

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