Gboard becomes real: a line of 1.65 metres. Useful not only for writing

Gboard is perhaps the most popular keyboard in the smartphone field. Available on Android and iOS, it offers high levels of customization for layout, functionality and backgrounds, and is updated regularly to make the user experience better and adapted to the size of your displays. But if it’s really that popular, why not make Gboard… real? Here’s Google’s idea: a physical keyboard. It’s weird one would think, and even more so if you think that Gboard are all in the same class. No joke, even if he’s under the Japanese Big G division, he enjoys suggesting such a solution. It’s a long keyboard, actually quite long (1650mm), so much so that it can also be used to turn on or off the light or maybe to go to the butterflies or to find something that ended up under the sofa. Seriously, in short, a way to talk about Gboard to remind users that it’s available for download on the Play Store and App Store. Google will suggest different formats, from classic QWERTY to ABCDEF, and even classic Japanese ideograms or smileys. “It also works to stretch your arms,” ​​Google says, and as long as you can type two at the same time. why all that? Simple, for Mountain View, searching for keys on a keyboard with multiple rows and columns is a waste of time, as the header has to move up and down, left and right: it’s much easier to find the character you want to type on one row, with plenty of built-in extensions … Not only that: the “Gboard of the Future” can have many special shapes, from cylindrical to circular. In short, the only limit is your imagination iOS | App Store, Gboard is free | Android | Google Play Store, Free

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