Gatorade launches the smart bottle that monitors hydration

Gatorade has revealed a smart bottle that promises to keep your hydration under control in the simplest way possible: by drinking. Then the bottle does it all on its own and tracks post-workout recovery. However, there is a big difference between those who buy it and own an Android device and those who have an iPhone, because in the latter case, through the Gx app, the level of hydration and its evolution over time can be found on the smartphone, as well as advice on how to speed up recovery from training and nutrition. The app is currently only available for iOS environments, and it’s not clear if an Android version is in development. Not bad, because at the moment Smart Gx cannot be bought in Italy and perhaps, when and if it will be distributed in our country, the Android application will be ready. However, those who don’t want to or can’t use the app can check their water level with LED lights around the lid, which gives an incentive to drink more outside of the app. The approximately 900ml bottle – not the cap – can be washed in the dishwasher, while at the end of 3-5 days of autonomy it is recharged via a USB port. Freezers, ice cubes or hot liquids are prohibited, and only within the limits of iOS compatibility, there is also the inevitable impossibility of getting a correct estimate of hydration if, instead of Smart Gx, you update yourself from a different source. However, Gatorade told colleagues at he is working on a solution. Along with the 2.0 bottle, the company sells water-soluble pods that help replenish carbs and electrolytes after more intense workouts. Functional for the same purpose as chewing gum, which promises to speed up physical healing and strengthen the immune system. Gatorade’s Smart Gx is available in the US for $69.99.

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