Galaxy Watch 3 updated with two new watch faces: now it looks like Watch 5

The Galaxy Watch 3 has been updated, and despite the use of Tizen that Samsung abandoned in the latest models for Wear OS, it gets a taste of the thoughtful OS experience alongside Google. Samsung’s announced R840XXU1DVH4 design borrows from the Galaxy Watch 5 (which we’ve reviewed here), the Wear OS number gradient and Pro analog dials, and is the preset on the range’s latest flagship smartphone. A daily activity indicator that should communicate better with a smartphone, and the arrival of snoring detection, which combines a smartphone microphone (unlike the Watch 5, the Watch 3 does not have a built-in microphone) with smartwatch sensor measurements to track the time of snoring. The update, which we reported on the full change below, should already be running. The Galaxy Watch 3 is expected to complete its update cycle next year.

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