Galaxy Tab S9 late, crisis (also) affects Samsung tablets

Let’s get back to talking about Galaxy Tab S9 Reporting a series of rumors from South Korea that actually deny what appeared in August: It appears that Samsung’s next generation of high-end tablets won’t arrive in early 2023 As previously assumed.

reason? The reasons will be basically two reasons, one related to the other: first of all the global economy is one step away from it Recessionthen one Request Which is no longer as sustainable as it was at the start of the pandemic (just look at the 2020 data to realize this) indicating a strong contraction that is expected to continue into the next year.

Until you see the new Galaxy Tab S generation, you’ll probably have to be patient again Until the second part of 2023. The perfect occasion may be the classic summer date for leaflet launches – next year it will be the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5 – but there are no more precise indications about this moment. Unofficial information emerges from the supply chain that Samsung decided not to start production in December, but the new roadmap is still shrouded in mystery.

The Galaxy Tab S8 was introduced in February with Plus variants and the new Ultra entry (opening image), however, it’s not certain that Samsung decided to propose the same products in its updated version. At least there are no indications about that, but it is rumored to be a Growing interest on the part of the company in proposing a foldable tabletperhaps in a replacement Ultra which is very extreme from the point of view of its dimensions (14.6″, 208.6×326.4×5.5 mm vs. 728g of weight). A priori – with a hypothetical model Galaxy Z Tab.

(Update Oct 04, 2022, 9.15pm)

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