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The Galaxy S22 range has been available for several months now and we are increasingly expected to call the upcoming S23, which as usual can be revealed in the first week of February 2023 through a classic Samsung Unpacked event. We’re a long way from almost a technical data sheet even if only imagined, and for now we’re playing with the first rumors about a potential SoC to be adopted, about the look of the camera set and the smartphone in general.

Specifically on the basis of predictions and possible changes that Samsung could make, this video presentation was born, which aims to show the possible appearance of two models in the new range. There is talk of the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 +, which are expected to ditch the Contour Cut camera design for a solution that dazzles with what’s seen with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The clip was created by the 4RMD YouTube channel, and the results are undoubtedly very pleasing to the eye.

The chosen solutions will be very similar for those who like simple designs, starting with the back of the body, which will give the devices a glossy and uncluttered look. From the front, the renders do not show much differences with the S22, so we see a flat screen with a hole for the selfie camera in the upper middle part, which according to current rumors will have the same number of pixels as the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus.

While it’s hard to tell from the shows, previous rumors claimed that Galaxy S23 and 23 Plus may have slightly larger bezels It is slightly wider and taller than the previous models, while in terms of display size we must continue with the same options as its predecessors, i.e. we should expect the Galaxy S23 to have a 6.1-inch screen and the S23 Plus 6.5-inch team. As we mentioned earlier about the processor, this time it seems that we will be relying exclusively on Qualcomm’s solution and presumably on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

The only change in the main specifications, which if really introduced, would be especially appreciated, will be the change related to the adoption of a larger capacity battery. Both models are expected to adopt larger 200mAh batteries and this It can translate to 4700mAh capacity in S23+ and 3900mAh in S23.

The full range is also expected to inherit the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s low power mode, which could extend battery life even further. A final note about the colors, because if the S23 is offered in five different colors, in fact, there are more and more rumors saying that the new models will only be available in beige, black, green and light pink.

(Updated November 07, 2022, 10:10 am)

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