Galaxy S23 Ultra, the camera array could be as follows: Nothing changes?

It is now clear. The separation of the current “traditional” flagship of the Galaxy range from the successor S23 Ultra It should be more clear in the voice cameras. That’s the point where the rumors of the past few weeks have basically been defeated, even with fairly strong opinions like those of the Ice Universe on pictures at night – he said it would represent A clearer step forward by leading Samsung for five years now.

And even in the past few hours, the subject matter of cameras has continued to overpower. Yogesh Brar took the floor on this tour, done The point about configuring the camera assembly Galaxy S23 Ultra back panel based on information collected:

  • Camera owner 200 megapixel camera
  • Camera very wide angle 12 mega pixel camera
  • telephoto lens 3x zoom 10 mega pixel camera
  • telephoto lens 10x magnification The endoscope is 10 megapixel.

None of the changes?

It is located around A bit narrow data To try to enter into the advantages in a reliable way. Thus, with the Brar numbers, it seems that the only novelty compared to the current top of the range is the doubling of the resolution of the main camera, because even on the Galaxy S22 Ultra there are two “tele” with 3x and 10x zoom. Megapixel each and 12 Megapixel Ultra Wide. But in the absence of other information, this is just a risky analysis, after all Sensor performance cannot be precisely intensified.

Also for the two panels that will have the same resolution and magnification than the current panels, Samsung doesn’t necessarily use the same sensors From Galaxy S22 Ultra Or they can’t support it with developments. Take, for example, the rumors that occurred a few days ago, according to which the company wants to take it to a higher level Optical stabilization: These are the details if we want, but even using the same sensor they can make a difference in videos and photos.

Galaxy S23 Ultra could be a targeted update to S22 Ultra. It is necessary to determine its parameters, and rumors – without a doubt – will try to do this until the presentation in February.

Moderate decrease in performance

16 hours

Ice Universe just in time animated the afternoon with a very interesting feature that he says will find space in One UI 5.0. Of the three Galaxy S23 phones. The last top of the power stack has a lot of it, between very fast memories and chips capable of exceeding 3GHz, bottlenecks or uncertainty are indicators of a perfect firmware (not hardware). Even in the circumstances that Independence is more important than strength An option that smooths out the chip peaks may be useful to increase the available mA capacity.

Here, according to Ice Universe, the Galaxy S23 will have the right mode to stand out Battery life and cooling efficiency versus processing speed. We are very accurate in translating Samsung’s comment because the situation light of the sound performance profile From the settings, in fact, it is not an absolute fad. It’s already on Galaxy Z Fold 4 with One UI 5 beta For example, while in the first stable version of the same interface for the Galaxy S22 at the moment, it is absent.

Ice Universe had received indications that Light Mode would instead be present from day one on the Galaxy S23. In short, we don’t know if the Galaxy S22 will get it, but according to insiders, the S23 will get it for Moderately reduce performance and consumptionto extend autonomy with the same display refresh frequency.

In the opening image is the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s “four” camera array.

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