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Small new pieces that give shape to a puzzle that will attract an increasing number of hands until the time of launch, between January and February 2023. Of the Galaxy S23 and specifically the inflexible Galaxy, the best of it is to talk about the well-known OnLeakswhich corrects the shot in relation to what was brought up earlier.

Some late September shows showed bezels above and below a screen Galaxy S23 Ultra Smaller than that of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which is already quite contained. The biggest change, according to those images, would have occurred at the bottom of the top of the range, which would have had a visually narrower bezel than the current one. While that To look at the latest offers One of them is now in the possession of OnLeaks great equality Compared to the smartphone currently on the market.

It seems to hold a metal chassis a little thinner than the next chassis compared to the current chassis, but that does mean making fleas on those that still and still deliver, and the same detective thinks it’s not worth it, at least for the time being. Instead, what appears most clearly is Four edges that look a little rounded on the Galaxy S23 Ultra Compared to the S22 Ultra, only the corners of the screen have been rounded.

details However, this does add to the definition of portraiture on one of the most awaited smartphones of every year that will become more and more refined and more Galaxy Note-like, especially considering the two “younger” siblings. The they change he is tangible performances (As long as you open it, you won’t even notice it from the preview) It will eventually be less practical when customers get their hands on the first copies, perhaps protecting them with wrappers.

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