Galaxy Note 20 and Ultra, One UI 5 stable for them too: Android 13 coming soon

Suddenly Samsung removed the brakes for One UI 5.0،Based on user interface Android 13. If the only customers who got the stable version of the UI until yesterday were the Galaxy S22 customers, today the distribution of the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S20 has started and a few moments later also for the last two notes i.e. Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

So it cannot be excluded that in a few hours, those who own the Galaxy Z Fold 4 or Z Flip 4 may receive the long-awaited update to Android 13: after all, a roadmap filtered out a few days ago indicated its rollout in November for publications. The last and penultimate generation, along with the Galaxy S21 / S20 and Note 20 you welcome in these moments. The Calendar seemed reliable at the time and it proves it is.

One UI 5.0 and Android 13 update reported for the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra in Swiss with construction N98xBXXU5GVJE Which also brings with it the November security patches. Anyone who owns one in Italy is hoping the update will take the San Bernardo Tunnel from nearby Switzerland and arrive soon. We have no reports at the moment, but if you notice any movements in Settings – Software update – Download and install Let us know in the comments.

Here are the news of the new Samsung interface, while for Seeing the most important thing at work there is the video At the bottom of the article.

What’s new in One UI 5.0

  • the design

    • New icons and illustrations
    • New animations and transition effects for a more natural transition from screen to screen
    • Improved blur effects and colors
  • Personalization
    • Lock screen customization
    • More wallpapers
    • More options for color palette
    • Different backgrounds for each contact
  • Methods and routine
    • Choosing modalities based on activity
    • Rest mode changes to sleep mode
    • Simplified layout to discover the most beneficial actions
    • Quick check of running routines
  • widget at home
    • Ability to stack widgets on the home page
    • Home screen tips
  • multitasking
    • Change vision with a gesture
    • Quick opening of apps in split screen mode
  • Connected devices
    • The list of connected devices has been added to Settings
    • Ability to hide notifications on TV when screen is cast using Smart View
    • Play audio from your smartphone on any Chromecast
  • room and gallery
    • One Hand Zoom
    • Help in professional mode
    • Chart in professional mode
    • Add watermark to photos
    • Telephoto now with food mode support
    • One shot rolling
    • Ability to select filters more easily
    • Customize albums in gallery
    • New story format
  • Photo and video editor
    • Create stickers from photos
    • Expanded ways to edit animated clips
    • Ability to keep the Effects of Video Portrait even after editing
    • Draw perfect shapes on photos and videos with the pen tool
    • 60 new stickers
  • emoji
    • New AR Emoji Stickers
    • Using Transparent Backgrounds with Emoji AR Stickers
  • Samsung keyboard
    • New emojis for couples emoji
    • Ability to rearrange expression buttons
    • Ability to enter kaomoji directly from Samsung keyboard
    • Customize row distance
  • Text extraction and scanning
    • Extract from images or screenshots
    • Text suggestions in pictures
  • Samsung DeX
    • Improved activity bar
    • New DeX notification indicator
    • small calendar
  • Notices
    • Receive notifications selected by the user only
    • Easy access to app notification controls
    • Choose notification types from apps
    • New layout
  • Settings
    • Select a language for each application
    • Set Exceptions for Do Not Disturb
    • Optimize sound and vibration settings
    • More options for RAM Plus
    • automatic optimization
  • Security and privacy
    • Security Status Check
    • Avoid accidental sharing of personal information
    • Website security and privacy information
  • Accessibility
    • More options in the quick panel
    • Easy access to the magnifying glass
    • Improved voice assistance
    • Easy editing on the access button
    • New procedures for corner procedures
  • else
    • synchronous timing
    • Check the guests at the event in the calendar
    • Add video conferencing to events
    • Add stickers to Google Calendar
    • Today’s reminder
    • Show and hide completed reminders
    • Display to show more reminders on the screen
    • Drag and drop favorites between folders
    • Improved archive search
    • Improving digital well-being
    • emergency help
    • Integrated emergency contact list
    • Ability to show app names in the Tag Edge app panel.


Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G is available online from eBay at €1199.

(Updated Oct 29, 2022, 8:55 a.m.)

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