FTX Half a billion dollars disappeared 24 hours after bankruptcy

Hundreds of millions of dollars in cryptocurrency I no longer have FTXthe broker – so to speak – to sell cryptocurrency in the eye of the storm for a week now to management in chiaroscuro by CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, and the subsequent bankruptcy. FTX hackedIt seems that the money is gone. FTX apps are malware, delete them. Do not go to the FTX website, it may download Trojans’,” the company’s Telegram channel manager wrote in the past few hours.

The disappearance of some assets is an established factIn addition to the platform’s executives, several sources write about it. Regarding the nest egg numbers, each analyzer says his words, the numbers fluctuate About half a billion dollars. On the End Those who have debated online: There are those who say it was a smart move by the FTX board of directors to steal funds prior to the liquidation, then there is the official explanation of Telegram channel and FTX advisor Ryne Miller talking about hacking. Some clues prompted analysts to converge on this path.

Elliptic, a company that analyzes crypto streams, estimates More than 663 million dollars Remaining traces of the wallet to other beaches. who are they, About 477 million would have been stolenThe rest will be secured by the FTX board. The spoils are diversified, including Ethereum (278 million), Solana (106), Binance Smart Chain (89) and Avalanche (4). The hackers had moved it to three distinct wallets, after about half of the loot (220 million) was transferred to Ethereum or Dai (stable currency) with decentralized exchanges, “A common tactic among thieves to try to avoid confiscation of stolen goods”writes ellipsoid.

Now we’re trying to track down those responsible too through community help, but that won’t be easy. The timing of the theft 24 hours after filing for bankruptcy proceedings, which unleashed the web, and especially on Twitter, many users were convinced it was an act of putting up money by top management, in order to secure what was left before curators counted the assets to compensate those who fell victim to the FTX explosion. If something is done to steal capital, It will happen before the end of the week.

Reuters reports that Previously, the CEO transferred nearly 10 billion dollars From FTX client money to Alameda Research, a trading company owned by Sam Bankman-Fried. no less than a billion From 10 – some say 2 – vanished into thin air.

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