Foldable iPad coming in 2024? Yes, according to some analysts

There has often been an attempt in recent years to take Apple’s approach to foldable device projects, imagining that the company wants to embrace the part that Samsung has focused on more than anything else (if we take the world’s most important tech companies at the moment). However, despite the patents and many rumors, it seems that the Cupertino company has not fully understood the limits of this technology and the compromises that the foldable iPhone has to go into.

But as the facts show, the concept of folding can be extended to a large number of devices, from TVs to smart watches and why not, even tablets. Even with regard to the foldable iPad, we have already talked several times in the past, but each time reality ignores the rumors, and although this idea has been circulating since 2019, we are still in the circle of hypotheses.

Recently, the analysis firm CCS Insight re-launched the topic, accordingly Apple is likely to launch an iPad with a foldable screen in 2024, Thus, expect the California giant to soon begin experimenting with foldable screens for this purpose.

This was discussed at yesterday’s CCS Insight annual meeting, during which the annual outlook report was discussed, as the group’s analysts were unbalanced about future trends and potential upcoming products. On that occasion, the analysis company predicted that Apple would like to give precedence to the foldable iPad instead of the iPhone equipped with the same technology, moreover, the goal will be to launch it on the markets within two years, and thus in 2024. And so it is done. Apple would behave in the opposite way compared to the first manufacturers to adopt folding technology, primarily Samsung, which immediately focused on smartphones rather than tablets. But beware, now that the technology has reached maturity, even Samsung will be working on something similar, as we’ve told you in the past months.

But back to Apple, I bring you an excerpt of what Ben Wood, head of research at CCS, said during an interview with CNBC.

“Right now, it just doesn’t make sense for Apple to make a foldable iPhone. We think they’ll avoid this trend and likely put a foot in the water with a foldable iPad. A foldable iPhone would be very, very risky for Apple. First, it would be It is too costly not to disassemble existing iPhones.”

Therefore, behind the foldable iPhone, there will be risks associated with the arrival of an unprecedented product to the market, as any error or technical difficulty may damage the company’s image, in addition to the question of possible far-fetched prices which, given the high current range, The company is barely allowed to make a foldable iPhone for less than 2,500 euros.

Wood also argues that Now is the time and Apple can’t stand still and watch any longerSo, the best way to get into the foldable part is to do it with a new iPad. There have been a number of rumors about Apple’s intentions with foldable products, but even the most skeptical analysts agree that sooner or later the company will have to deal with it. Not everyone agrees on 2024, but many point to 2025 as the year of the folding tipping point. Of course, there are no rumors about the possible characteristics of the foldable iPad, but some rumors suggest that the Cupertino company could target a device even 20 inches when it’s open, effectively ushering in a new class of hybrid devices.

The juxtaposition between Apple and publications has now been going on for more than 4 years and so far all predictions have proven unsuccessful. Would this be the right time? We’ll have to wait a little longer to find out for sure.

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