Fiat makes it easy to choose a new car: just three steps to set it up

Fiat decided to Rearrange its range of cars to facilitate the selection of a new car by its customers. Configuring a vehicle online is not always easy, as you have to choose from multiple configurations, options and packages. To ensure a better customer experience for its customers, Fiat wanted to simplify the range of its models, making the configuration process much easier. In fact, It only takes three simple steps To customize the model you want.

So, whether you want to configure your Fiat Panda, Fiat 500X, Tipo or Electric 500, now, the whole process is much simpler and faster. With the new range, all the customer has to do is decide how to differentiate their vehicle by choosing the model, color and equipment packages to configure their new vehicle.

Fiat offers three different sets of equipment (Style, Technology and Comfort). The packages are designed not to offer the same content on different packages, so that they can be combined with each other without any restrictions or complications for the client. In addition, the automaker It also offers a first-class version Which represents the most equipped and complete expression, available on all models.

This full-featured version includes all the contents of the three packs, as well as other features.

With this reorganization of the Fiat range, customers will be able to choose, for each model, between a customizable version and an optional full version. This was modernity As adopted by Fiat Professional. Therefore, even commercial vehicles will be available in one customizable setup, but due to the complexity and specificity of each vehicle, the offer will include different types of bodywork and special packages to adapt the product to the different professional needs of customers.

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