Ferrari SP51, the unique new car based on the 812 GTS ‘pure’ roadster

The Ferrari SP51 is a new one-off (one-off) based on the 812 GTS that was built by the Prancing Horse Special Projects division for a customer in Taiwan, whom we only know is one of the main Ferrari collectors in the world. It took two years of work to achieve. During this period, Ferrari technicians were able to constantly communicate with the customer to come up with a supercar that faithfully reflects his needs. The new Ferrari SP51 is a front-engined V12 roadster. The mechanical basis, as mentioned at the beginning, is the basis of the 812 GTS. First of all, Maranello got rid of the convertible roof under the rear hood of the 812 GTS. Thus, this means that the new supercar is a “pure” roadster, as it has no roof cover. This important change led Maranello’s technicians to review aerodynamics in depth. Ferrari says that careful fine-tuning has been done through driving simulations and wind tunnel tests to ensure the SP51 is not only the maximum in terms of passenger cabin comfort, but also the same standard of acoustic comfort and wind feel among the hair of the model that inspired from a design point of view, this unique car. The Prancing Horse has completely new headlights with a new design, two fins at the rear, with the taillights inserted under the wing. Alloy wheels are also new, and the ribs have carbon fiber wing sides and a gradient diamond finish. Of course, carbon fiber has been widely used to reduce the weight of the car. For this new supercar, a special body color was created called “Rosso Passionali”. The paintwork also features white/blue stripes that run from the nose to the rear of the vehicle. The color combination on the outside is also addressed in the interior where we find Alcantara upholstery and carbon fiber details. The design is powerful yet elegant, with smooth surfaces and design touches such as the use of exposed carbon fiber and bonnet finishes that dynamically frame the air intakes. The latest addition to the cars built for the Maranello Special Projects team, the SP51 represents the absolute pinnacle of Ferrari’s customization capabilities.

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