Facebook is moving towards more efficient nutrition with more prepared AI

Facebook She is increasingly focusing on her salary essence, on the social network that has spawned an empire in just over a decade. The strategy of the last period seems clear enough: cut dead wood like the Facebook Gaming app and focus resources where they matter most. For example in the file Make nutrition more effectiveFacebook’s scrolling home page.

The company announced news in the engine room to make the summary More suitable for everyone’s wishes, to allow it to find more or less posts from a specific profile, group, or page. User feedback collected by voices Show more And the show less will be used to “Making our AI algorithms smarter and more responsive”reads the blog.

So it will not only change the content of the feed but AI will be trained to make classification more accurate Which silently sets the priority of what appears on the home page. The test also has a specific section (What’s in your feed, pictured on the side) which will allow you to prioritize different types of content and sources in a simple and instant way. The ability to see if more or less content of a certain type will be shown on the way also for Reels.

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