Expensive energy and gas bill, a very dangerous situation. How much do you pay from october

Our serious energy crisis will have inevitable repercussions on our bills starting this fall. Speculation, of course, is an uncontrollable factor in both the international and the national market that drives suppliers to increase prices more than is actually necessary on the basis of raw material costs. The current social and political situation also influences a lot – a lot – on the Ukrainian war in which the West is increasingly involved politically, socially and militarily. Without forgetting another ongoing crisis, the environmental crisis, which caused the record drought of Bo, and in general the decline in hydropower production due to the ongoing drought. The Codacons ‘massacre’ know them: an extraordinary intervention from Arera – the Energy, Networks and Environment Regulatory Authority – effectively prevented the price a typical household would pay in electricity protection from doubling, limiting its increase to +59% (66.01 euro cents/kWh, incl. that taxes). The official statement stated that the authority, in order to limit the rise in prices on homes and businesses, exceptionally decided to postpone the necessary recovery of the difference between the estimated prices for the last quarter and the real costs that occurred, as well as to postpone it. It has unusually high increments. PUN: doubled in Q3 2022 compared to Q2 2022, quadrupled compared to Q3 2021. Present value at 9/30: €385.09/MWh). The energy emergency represents an unprecedented tsunami that will have worse effects on our economy than the 2008 crisis and COVID pandemic. The rise in bills will lead to further growth in consumer prices with families getting poorer will have to cut back on consumption; Stores and businesses, unable to afford abnormal energy costs and reduced sales, will face closure, leaving thousands of workers at home. An economic and social drama that the new government must avoid at all costs, correct the mistakes of the past and impose a price ceiling on energy prices – Carlo Renzi, President of Codacons. For gas, given that the new calculation method states that the price for protected customers must be updated at the end of each month on the basis of the actual average prices of the Italian wholesale market. This will not – as Arrera says – reduce “exceptional levels of market prices”, but rather “make supplies to consumers safer”. For this reason – and for greater transparency – invoices can become monthly “if the vendor’s regulations permit”. Where and when the gas price value is published: On within two business days of the beginning of the following month for both gas and electricity, Arera has asked the government to extend the protected market beyond the deadline set in January 2023. The public system fee components are zero For the gas and energy application of the negative component UG2 in favor of gas consumption up to 5000 m3/year VAT reduction on gas to 5% Electricity and gas promotion Social Bonus for families with ISEE up to 12,000 euros (up to 20000 for large families). The reward is paid directly to the credits invoice Opening image: Pixabay

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