EU flag e-ID card: why and how to get it

The electronic ID card is renewed in appearance. This was announced by Poligrafico e Zecca for the Italian state, specifying that all newly issued documents would include the EU flag at the front, along with the phrase “Italian Republic”. “Documents you already have,” we read, “will remain valid until their natural expiration date.” The Electronic Identity Card, also known by the abbreviation CIE, is a document issued by the Ministry of the Interior and produced by Poligrafico and represents “the safest and most versatile tool for protecting the physical and digital identity of Italian citizens”. In practice, it is a laser-printed polycarbonate card with a photo and data of the holder and protected by anti-counterfeiting technologies. It allows identification of the owner to verify the personal and biometric data stored inside the chip. It is stored inside the microchip: the digital identity in CIE is recognized throughout the European Union, and therefore can be used to connect to the portals of public administrations or individuals not only in our country, but also within society. CIE can be required when the ID card has expired starting from the 180th day before the expiry date or after loss, theft or deterioration in the municipality. The appointment must be made at, and delivery (at home or at Town Hall) is made within 6 working days. Validity varies according to the age of the carrier: 3 years for those under 3 years of age 5 years for those between 3 and 18 years of age 10 years for adults

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