Elon Musk introduces Optimus, his robot

Tesla Optimus was the great champion at Elon Musk’s AI Day 2022. When the US company announced last year that it was developing a humanoid robot, many analysts thought it was more of an idea than an actual project. However, in the months that followed, Tesla not only claimed the project was real, but gave it a top priority. In announcing the date of AI Day 2022, Elon Musk indicated that there will be a first demo of Optimus. As promised, the humanoid robot first appeared on the stage of Artificial Intelligence Day in 2022. In fact, Tesla brought two prototypes. The first, called “Bumble-C”, made with “standard” components, appeared on stage walking with complete independence and performing a series of movements even with his arms. According to what was said, this prototype was able to do many other things as well, but Tesla did not want to “risk” problems and prevent them from falling to the ground. Elon Musk unveils Tesla Optimus Bot at AI Day 2022elonmusk – DogeDesigner (cb_doge) Oct 1, 2022 Elon Musk’s ultimate goal is to mass produce Optimus for the mass market. And when it is possible to do this, the number one in the American company confirmed that it will cost less than a car, that is, less than 20 thousand dollars. No timing has been set as to when the Optimus will be ready for mass production, but the work done so far by Tesla is really impressive, thinking they’ve been working on it for a little while. “Tesla Optimus Bot is expected to cost much less than a car, probably less than $20,000” -elonmusk – DogeDesigner (cb_doge) Oct 1, 2022 Compared to other companies that deal exclusively with bots and this is what they had to start From scratch, Tesla was able to take advantage of the skills acquired in the development and construction of cars and in the development of artificial intelligence. Therefore, many of the “ingredients” for building Optimus were already in the house. Elon Musk with Optimus Bot 🫶elonmusk – DogeDesigner (cb_doge) Oct 1, 2022 But where will Optimus find the app? Then Tesla showed a series of videos showing the practical applications of his humanoid robot, from working in the factory, passing through delivering packages in offices, to doing some “household” tasks such as watering flowers. Tesla Optimus Bot in action 🔥elonmusk – DogeDesigner (cb_doge) October 1, 2022 The US company then demonstrated a second prototype, much more refined and advanced than what the premiere did on stage. It was also better designed because it also had a body hood. However, in this case, the robot was not able to walk and only showed arm movements, and Tesla also told some technical characteristics of the more advanced version of his robot. The Optimus weighs 73 kg and is powered by a 2.3 kWh battery which should be enough to run for a day. The robot’s “brain” is nothing more than a different type of SoC that Tesla uses to manage the autopilot in its electric cars. In addition, Optimus has WiFi and LTE connectivity, as well as the ability to count on 28 operators.The American company spent a lot of time talking about the work done to ensure accurate and smooth movements of the robot. To manage the bot, Tesla has been able to take advantage of the AI ​​software it uses for the autopilot that has clearly been adapted for new use – and what appears is only the beginning. For Tesla, Optimus is a very important project. We will see how it will be implemented and the progress that will be made over time. However, the building is really very interesting.

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