Elon Musk confirms his desire to buy Twitter again and refers to the “X”.

Elon Musk’s volatility knows no bounds: After announcing his intention to buy Twitter, pausing the acquisition and blowing it up (at least on his part), Musk has now reaffirmed his willingness to move forward with keeping the commitments made last April, so to complete the process by Pay $54.20 per share, no less. The news comes directly from a document Musk sent to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) in which the entrepreneur declares that he wants to keep the commitment he made, provided that legal action being taken against him by Twitter is a “legal clash.” WELL FOR MUSK The striking change in Musk’s opinion appears to be closely related to the evolution of the ongoing legal case, which has not turned out entirely in his favor since the first hearings. In short, the evidence that Musk provided to support the correctness of his step back is very weak and even an analysis of the amount of bots out there on Twitter does not hold up. In fact, it seems that the entrepreneur was commissioned to study this data for two companies, one of which confirmed the figures announced by Twitter, while the other produced a result indicating that up to 11% of the site’s users. The platform is bots (Twitter claims they are under 5%), but that number doesn’t seem to find statistical confirmation; In short, it has practically no value for legal purposes. Economy and Market September 14 As one of the main reasons behind the acquisition stall is missing, it is possible that Musk’s legal team suggested avoiding direct confrontation with the company, also due to the entrepreneur’s poor performance during the first test. In fact, it seems that using Signal, a popular messaging app that focuses on privacy, resulted in the loss of several important messages that should have been used during the process, but are no longer available due to Mask’s habit of using the auto-cancel function for himself. Not only that, but it also appears that his testimony would have been based primarily on fictional facts, leading Musk and his legal team down a dangerous path should the hearing continue. At this point, accepting the deals struck in April appears to be the lesser of two evils. X Returning to the center of attention In the meantime, Musk has resumed posting messages on Twitter regarding the acquisition of the platform, trying to find the positive. From a move that actually backfired. In fact, one of his recent tweets suggests that the Twitter acquisition is nothing more than a move capable of bringing it closer and closer to X, the app for everything, as it defines it. Twitter purchase is accelerating the creation of X, apply everything – Elon Musk (@elonmusk) Oct 4, 2022 Reply to a user who asked if they had in mind creating their own social network in the event of a Twitter takeover was effectively skipping over. Today, Musk added some details to this mysterious creature, calling it an app for everything. By staying social, our thoughts turn to what WeChat stands for in China, a comprehensive platform that includes messaging, social media, payments, and more. At the moment, there are no details about X and Musk’s knowledge, it is not possible to speculate if and when there will be more concrete information.

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