Elon Musk bought Twitter: Sale starts at the top

After months of constant back and forth, Elon Musk has finally completed his Twitter acquisition As revealed by internal documents that emerged in recent days, the $44 billion operation concluded.

Musk’s entry to the top of the popular social network gave rise to the gods Immediate changes to the internal structure of Twittersince billionaire Immediately unleash the most important characters Who until a few hours ago held the most important positions in the company, including the now ex-CEO Parag Agrawalwho succeeded Jack Dorsey last November.

there scissors Musk hit too Chief Financial Officer Ned Segal Head of the legal team Vijaya Jade and General Counsel Sean Edgett. In short, it was real Reset Of the upper floors that now leave several positions open that will have to be filled over the next few hours, starting with the CEO position that is still very much in force as to who will fill them in the Musk era.

It appears that, at least for the time being, the massive cut of 75% of the staff that Elon Musk assumed a few days ago has been avoided, but it remains to be understood how the platform will evolve now that it is poised to become a private company. Meanwhile, the new owner has formalized the closing of the operation with a simple and effective message:The bird is released“,”The bird is released“, as the first tweet on his personal page.

In addition to the influence message typical of the character’s nature, Musk also posted a more explicit tweet (adding 3 screenshots of notes) addressing advertisers on the platform, from which some particularly interesting aspects of the process emerge.

The first relates to the fact that Musk still claims that he made the acquisition without considering a particular economic return, but only because of it. love of humanityBecause he sees it necessary to have a digital place where everyone can discuss freely.

by saying this, However, Musk stressed that this wouldn’t turn Twitter into a place where complete chaos would occurwhere everything can be said without consequences, but who will continue complies with the laws And that the ultimate goal is to provide a warm and welcoming place for all.

The speech also addresses the topic of Advertisingwhich according to Musk can be considered useful and informative when it is relevant, while it becomes spam when you add nothing and is less relevant in context, a sign that this tool will continue to exist on the social network, but it is also possible that there will be news In the future regarding the type of ads that will be shown.

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October 27

With the acquisition of the past few hours, a historical corridor has been created for the world of social media, since then Not a single person has owned such a high-ranking platform, not even the Meta Group companies. It will be interesting to see how one individual will be able to manage a tool that today has become central to communication in various social spheres, including the political sphere, for many countries.

To understand in which direction we will move, we will have to wait for the first dates in the vacant main roles. This will be the first step in getting an idea of ​​how Musk intends to exercise his control over Twitter.

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