Edit Word and Excel documents without Microsoft Office

Edit Word and Excel documents google drive


Maybe some already knew, but it’s worth mentioning: you can edit Word documents and Excel documents without having Microsoft Office installed. You can use Google Drive to open, edit and then save back in .docx or .xlsx the desired documents.

And they will work perfectly in the future both in Google Drive and for those who have Office installed.

And yes, it also works for PowerPoint documents. So you can make your presentations in Google Drive or in Chrome with the extension below and it will be viewable on systems that have Office installed.

To make it even easier to edit Office documents, Google has an extension for Google Chrome, which you can find here .

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The fact that the people from Google have done so well, because they actually work well, these functions open up a new series of possibilities. For example, now you can have a PC as a work/office system, with completely free software end-to-end. You are no longer bound to anything.

Example: a PC or laptop with Ubuntu Linux, LibreOffice suite installed and a Google account and you can do office work very well, without any minus, without any paid software.

Practically, now a laptop with Linux can be a viable alternative for many. With all the advantages of Linux. Because there are not too many disadvantages, if the user is a basic one and has no great demands other than to do his job: edit documents, surf the net, watch media content. (actually you don’t need advanced knowledge to install a Linux that does all the mentioned very well. Those days are over.)

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