Ease of charging CUPRA simplifies the process of charging its customers: tariffs

Today, auto manufacturers cannot just sell electric cars because they must also offer charging related solutions. After all, one of the most common doubts among those who want to switch to an electric car concerns the planning and the possibility of easily recharging the car away from home and during long trips. For this reason, many car manufacturers offer freight services thanks to a series of agreements with infrastructure operators. Thus, with a single app, people will have access to tens of thousands of charging stations across Europe. Cupra, in particular, through Easy Charging, allows owners of one of its electric vehicles or plug-ins to access and recharge their vehicles at a group of more than 300,000 charging points spread across Europe, according to pre-set tariff plans based on your needs and usage profile. your. With access to such a large number of recharge points throughout Europe, the Spanish brand aims to greatly simplify the management of energy supplies for its customers. As mentioned above, there are some specific tariff plans: Free, Pure, and Power. This way, customers will be able to activate the plan that best suits their type of use. Free Monthly Cost: €0 AC Charging Rate: €0.55 per kWh DC Charging Rate: €0.69 per kWh Rate IONITY: €0.79 per kWh Rate Monthly Cost: €4.99 AC Charging Rate: €0.39 per kWh Rate DC charging: €0.49 per kWh IONITY rate: €0.79 per kWh Energy Monthly cost: €12.99 AC charging rate: €0.37 per kWh DC charging rate: €0.47 per kWh IONITY rate: €0.35 per kilowatt-hour, therefore, the free rate is suitable for those who do the occasional use of public recharge points and want to have the convenience of being able to use a single application to be able to recharge. On the other hand, the Pure plan is designed for those who often use public poles, while the POWER plan is for those who frequently travel long distances and use high-powered charging points many times, especially those of IONITY.

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