E-skin ‘feel’ in Metaverse: Samsung’s ambitious project

Samsung has shown the first results of research on the development of e-skin, in which people who live virtual reality experiences in the metaverse will be able to experience tactile sensations – and not just, as we will see – as in reality. . This technology allows you to “perceive multiple senses like human skin at the same time”, such as temperature and pain. The South Korean company talks about faux leather that is able to make us feel the warmth of a cup of coffee, or make us feel like walking barefoot on a beach of very fine sand. It’s a solution that artificially mimics the circuits of human skin through which electrical currents pass, “a highly complex system that transmits sensations to the brain through nerves.” AREAS OF APPLICATION: NOT ONLY FOR METAVERS TO DISCOVER TEMPERATURE AND FORCE (pressure) Doing this is not easy at all, which is why the results achieved should be considered exceptional. Once the technology is mastered, the areas of application will be many, from virtual reality in which we can, through an avatar, perceive external stimuli such as heat, cold or even pain, all the way to medicine. It is precisely in the latter area that the pain caused by pressure sores “affected by 40% of hospitalized patients” can be relieved. Samsung’s step-in-piece studies on e-skin have been going on for several years, and Samsung is not only committed to this topic through its Future Technology Enhancement Project. Caltech is also developing an electronic skin capable of measuring vital signs, while a group of researchers from the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Engineering has made a skin out of a flexible material that detects heartbeats and electrical impulses from muscle movement. However, Samsung’s solution wants to go further: in this case it is about simulating the behavior of human skin in all respects, and therefore not only the detection of vital parameters.

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