Ducati Scrambler, the new generation in 3 versions: Icon, Full Throttle and Nightshift

ducatiafter the new Diavel, introduced A new generation of scrambler Made up of models Code, full throttle, night lift. The manufacturer completely redesigned the Scrambler while keeping all the features that made this bike a success (over 100,000 units in 7 years). The new generation always features a Desmodue twin air-cooled engine, trellis frame, wide handlebars, low center of gravity and low weight. All this to ensure pleasant driving dynamics both in the city and on trips outside the city.

At dealerships, the new bikes will arrive in March 2023. Prices start From 10,690 euros for the Icon (9,690 euros for the model with a reduced engine at 35 kW). Instead, €12,390 is needed for Full Throttle and Nightshift.

new design

Ducati has Review some design elements from the bike. For example, the front DRL, recognizable thanks to the four circular segments, tapers off and becomes more visible for a more modern and elegant cut. The bike now adopts full LED technology. It also touches LED backlight shapes. The steel tank has been redesigned and equipped with an interchangeable cap

The new Ducati Scrambler can count on new hardware with 4.3 inch TFT screen. Also new is the exhaust system, which has more significant shapes. Then Ducati revised many of the bike’s elements, including a new trellis frame, which he’ll come to get 4 kg weight savings. Dry weight 170 kg (176 kg for the night shift). The chassis is completely new. For example, the swingarm is new and is now paired with a repositioned shock absorber in the center of the bike.

Driving improvements also come from a slightly increased steering angle which contributes to ease of use in both maneuvers and urban traffic. New design wheels emphasize 18- and 17-inch sizes, respectively, at the front and rear.

As for the engine, Ducati intervened by making a series of improvements that also made it possible to reduce the weight by 2.5 kg. Also new is the 8-plate clutch. Desmodue unit has a volume of 803 cc It is capable of generating 73 hp (53.6 kW) with 65.2 Nm of torque. The gearbox is 6-speed with Ducati Quick Shift.

The new bike can count on Ride by Wire throttle management. This solution allows you to adopt the Ducati traction control system and to have two driving modes: road and wet. Standard equipment is supplemented by ABS Cornering.

The three models

Ducati says that in the Icon model, the . file The tank is the distinguishing element Customize this version. In fact, the colored part is a cover that can be replaced, as well as the fenders and markings on the rims and small covers of the front projector. The Scrambler Icon features a revised handlebar, lower and closer to the rider, giving you more control over the bike. The saddle has been redesigned, with a more symmetrical and streamlined direction. The design of this new generation of Icon is complemented by black panels under the seats with Scrambler graphics.

Instead, the new Scrambler Full Throttle جهاز It is the most mathematical proposal From the Scrambler 2023 collection. Ducati reports that the side number plates bear the number 62, referring to 1962, the year Ducati’s first small jammer appeared. The more sporty character of this version is emphasized by the saddle with special paint, the custom paintwork in GP19 / Dark Stealth Red and the black color of the exhaust heat shields and front side covers. Equipment is complemented by a shorter front fender, a tail without the rear fender, red badges on the alloy wheels, a Termignoni-certified muffler, Ducati Performance LED indicators, and standard Quick Shift up/down. Even the driving position, thanks to the lower steering wheel and a variable section compared to the Scrambler Icon steering wheel, changes and becomes more sporty.

Finally, the Scrambler Nightshift model It is the most elegant proposal From the new 2023 collection of this bike. It is characterized by the presence of more classic details such as the saddle, in the style of Cafè Racer, stitched and in a dark leather shade, or alternating between glossy and matte surfaces. In addition, we find side number plates, a minimal front fender, the absence of a rear fender, black finishes for aesthetic details in aluminum, and integrated LED turn signals.

Finally, a flat-section variable steering wheel and prominent mirrors stand out, also in café racer style.

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