Dreame Bot L10S Ultra review: A great step forward

The Dreame Bot L10S Ultra has an important legacy to collect, namely the legacy of the Dreame L10 Pro (which you can find the review from here), one of the most popular and best-selling games of all time. Thanks to not only the attractive price and numerous offers, but above all for being one of the first to offer 3D obstacle detection. The L10S Pro is still developing and introducing many new features. In fact, there are two mops with opposite rotation similar to what was seen in the Dreame W10 (check here), a more advanced sensor that also recognizes animal feces and a greater suction power that contacts 5300Pa, but above all a washing base equipped with an automatic emptying system .COM DONE The Dreame robot arrives Bot L10S to Pro and Ultra versions, the subject of our test. The robot is round in shape, and has an object recognition sensor on the front, while at the top is a Lidar system for mapping environments. The two sensors work together and allow the first mapping to be carried out within a few minutes. Efficiency has now reached levels unimaginable even a few years ago, and the L10S is proof of that. At the top there are also three buttons that allow you to enable in-place cleaning, start cleaning, and return the robot to its base, but the best is obtained by connecting the robot to Wi-Fi and a dedicated application. The brush is now equipped with silicone bristles, more effective than the previous generation. Even the stones are renewed: the base is always with a magnetic coupling but the fabric part can be easily removed, unlike in the W10, so that it can be washed or replaced if necessary. Then there’s an obstacle and wall-detection bumper and a carpet-detection sensor, which is far ahead of the standard. This allows the robot to detect the presence of the carpet in advance, making the clothes lift so that the carpet can be vacuumed without getting it wet. Finally, there is a small side brush with three heads. Technical specifications of the robot Dimensions: 350 x 350 x 97 mm Battery: 5200 mAh Charging time: approx 6 hours Dust container: 450 ml Water tank (not accessible): 80 ml Environments maps: Sensor Lidar Detects Obstacles, Cables and Stools: Yes, Via 3D Sensor Carpet Detection: Yes Suction Power: 5300Pa Cleaning System: Single Brush with Silicone Bristles Washing System: Double Anti-Rotation Mop Cleaning Mode: Four Modes Available from the App Washing Modes: Three Modes Available from Application: Xiaomi Home (Android), DreameApp (iOS) Voice assistants: Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Siri (via DreameApp) COM Auto wash and empty basis, Auto wash and empty basis resume what has already been seen in other bots of this type. The silver part is a compartment that conceals the 3 liter dirt collection bag. This means that it needs to be emptied once every two to three months, depending on the conditions of use. In the upper part there are also two water tanks with a capacity of 2.5 liters each. The first for clean water, the second for collecting the dirty water that comes from washing clothes when the robot returns to the base, and between the two bases there is a small compartment where the detergent bottle (included in the package). This is perhaps one of the most popular news. Previous robots of this type are cleaned only with the help of scrubbing and water. The cleaner allows a sterilizing procedure, deeply removing grease and leaving a cleaner surface. Unfortunately, at the moment there is no information regarding the availability of these bottles and the cost. When washing begins, the self-discharge base prepares the two mops and brings a small amount of water and detergent inside the robot into a dedicated 80ml tank (not accessible to the user). The robot starts cleaning and returns to the base at regular intervals. The meat is thus cleaned, the robot’s water tank is refilled and this cycle continues until the cleaning is complete. At this point, the base disinfects the clothes for the last time, which are then dried to prevent the formation of unpleasant odors Base station specifications Dimensions: 423 x 340 x 568 mm Weight: 8.9 kg Dust bag size: 3 liters Clean water tank: Dirty water tank 2.5 liters : 2.4L XIAOMI HOME APPLICATION As expected, most of the functions can be accessed through the dedicated Xiaomi Home App (DreameApp for iOS devices), the same that we used on Dreame L10 Pro, Dreame W10 and Xiaomi bots. The interface has not changed over time and allows you to manage a large number of smart devices, as well as bots. On the main screen of the bot, you can decide whether to start cleaning the entire apartment, a specific area that can be selected, or a certain number of rooms. There are three washing modes and four suction modes, but you can also decide how much water to use depending on the floor, as well as the sequence of rooms to be cleaned. The map management is very complete and there is also the possibility to plan more floors, which is a useful feature if you have several houses or several floors in the same house. The user can adjust the division of rooms and enter virtual walls, restricted areas, and areas that should not be washed. You can also decide to use the 3D map and in this case the sensor presents an interesting novelty: it is in fact able to automatically recognize certain furniture, such as sofas or beds, and insert them into the space to allow a better identification of each cleaning session. You can then adjust notifications, volume, voice command volume (also in Italian), add cleaner, and Do Not Disturb mode. The 3D sensor can be enabled for object recognition via AI (to automatically recognize shoes, cables, and animal faeces). Finally, you can adjust the behavior of the robot on the carpet, whether to clean it in suction mode by lifting the clothes, or to avoid it altogether, as well as the possibility of programming the cleaning sessions by day and hour. New redesigned brush Allow this Dreame L10S Ultra to go far beyond the performance seen with the previous Dreame L10 Pro, tested last year. We are on two completely different levels and very far away. The L10S Ultra allows you to collect crumbs and dirt in an optimal way but above all it is more effective with hair and animal hair. Longer objects can get tangled around the brush, but in most cases they are collected appropriately, preventing them from getting stuck and preventing the robot from completing the cleaning. Compared to the Dreame W10, the rounded shape and shorter brush, on the other hand, allow for less precision when it comes to cleaning corners and edges. A side brush helps, but it certainly doesn’t work miracles. Great power comes in handy on carpets that are cleaned like never before by a robot of this type. Cleaning is thorough and even lint is gone. Good behavior on the sidelines, even if the longer ones get stuck on the side brush interrupting the cleaning sequence of the robot. The classic options for high-quality robotic vacuum cleaners remain: if the autonomy is not enough, the robot returns to charging to resume from the last point. You can also decide to empty the dust collection tank after one, two or three cleanings to improve consumption. It also performs well in terms of noise. In washing mode, it reaches 59 dB, while with the highest suction it slightly exceeds 65 dB. The two counter-rotating cloths reach 180 rpm and are propelled toward the floor by applying a fair amount of force. This procedure, combined with water and detergent, leaves a very clean, semi-polished floor. The ability to adjust the amount of water used is useful for owners of parquet, which remains clean and free of scratches. One of the most important features of floor cleaning robots is that clothes can get dirty in certain contexts, but Dreame bypasses this problem. Through the application it is possible to adjust the cleaning of fabrics from 10 to 35 square meters clean. This is useful for those who have pets at home or on rainy days, as an almost perfect cleaning is achieved. When the robot returns to the base, it lifts the clothes, so it doesn’t leave signs of wetness and dirt and keeps the floor clean. Clothes drying can be customized and lasts from 2 to 4 hours. The battery with a capacity of 5200 mAh guarantees a maximum of 2 hours of autonomy and allows you to clean apartments of more than 200 square meters on a single charge. When cleaning and drying clothes, the base makes some small noises in the background. In fact, you can hear water drawing and replacing, fan noises and clothes spinning. We therefore recommend placing the robot away from the bedroom. If you set area cleaning, the robot covers the selected area first vertically, then horizontally, washing every centimeter. Conclusions The Dreame Bot L10S Ultra challenges the Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni with very similar characteristics, completely overlapping performance but at a much lower price. The list price starts from € 1173 for our market and Dreame usually offers exciting discounts at product launch. It is a robot that satisfies even those with very special needs, those who are not at home and those who own animals. In this case, Dreame has shown that it knows how to listen to customers, improve critical points of legacy bots and propose a complete, easy-to-use and reliable solution. The Dreame Bot L10S Ultra absorbs well and washes better, leaving little margin when it comes to cleaning corners and edges, but it’s surprising how much progress they’ve made compared to just a few years ago. Improved corner and edge cleaning Audible noise when cleaning and drying clothes

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