Dimension 9200, the GPU benchmark puts it on par with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2

Keep giving birth to information about Dimensions 9200 The well-known digital chat station from China, the same one that a few days ago published the results of some amazing aspects of the chip in the AnTuTu benchmark. The indiscretion of the past few hours has resumed Ice worlda well-known insider who accompanied technical information for the first with Other numbers, the ones that came out of the “spin” on GFXBench.

If the attempt on AnTuTu, as we wrote in the previous article, gave less detailed information about the CPU and GPU due to the fact that the platform gives an opinion about all the hardware of the smartphone, the interface optimization and the “caliber” of memory for example, one on GFXBench is more indicative of chip performance. or better, Its GPU is Mali-G715 Immortalis MC11 able to 228 fps On OpenGL ES 3.1 and 328 fps on ES 3.0.

Ice Universe’s comments are very clear: GPU Performance [di MediaTek Dimensity 9200] I Equivalent to that of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2So, the flagship chip that Qualcomm will soon announce is expected to be around 230fps on ES 3.1. But that’s not all, because the amount adds up BothSo, both Dimensity 9200 and Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, In terms of the GPU, it performs better than the A16 Bionicthe chip that powers the iPhone 14 Pro (not the “standard” 14, which has the A15 Bionic) that clocks in at around 190 fps on OpenGL ES 3.1.

On the technical front, Digital Chat Station reports that hardware detection systems point to the prototype of the next high-end chip from MediaTek a The CPU consists of high power core of 3.05 GHzAt 2.85 GHz average power and 2 GHz “saving”, but the same insider admits that he does not know if the final version of the Dimensity 9200 will have differences in terms of frequencies. But there must be, and we’ll know maybe on november 8 When applying in China, it should be minimal. So this year, more than ever, MediaTek is at the level of the best. The top of the range has a more credible option.

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